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Weisheng embedded ARM scheme Alta DS system is applied to digital signage in the catering industry

with the development of Internet information, people have higher and higher requirements for real-time information, and hope to get the latest consultation anytime and anywhere. In the catering industry

the traditional way of static picture publicity or introduction has been replaced by more and more new digital signs. The digital signs in the catering industry adopt the latest computer software and hardware technology, Internet technology and display technology, which not only give customers the menu price information and promotion information of food, but also enable customers to clearly understand the more detailed information of food ingredients, calories and so on, as well as real-time weather, securities, in addition to regular adjustment, and other real-time information, so as to meet customers' dining experience and promote the sales revenue of catering stores, Achieve win-win results

Weisheng embedded ARM scheme alta-ds player adopts the latest Android platform and the scheme of software and hardware integration. The publishing and management software adopts humanized design and has the characteristics of simple, fast and accurate use. We will see that enterprises that can compete with foreign instrument companies provide solutions for the completion of digital signs in the catering industry. The player adopts arm platform, supports flash, pictures, running lights and full HD video playback, and has the characteristics of low power consumption, high stability and easy maintenance. At present, the embedded ARM solution alta-ds of via has been successfully and widely used in the catering industry

Viagra Alta DS is an integrated system solution specially developed for Android operating system, which is mainly used for dynamic display information release management in large-scale application segments with high cost sensitivity. Its HD video playback performance and convenient connectivity have greatly enhanced customer acceptance and satisfaction. Specific applications include self-service terminals, POS systems, video matrix walls, menu displays, tvoip, cloud streaming media, outdoor advertising and other retail, hotel, education and entertainment environment applications

Weisheng Alta DS system is a novel system level scheme with low production and plastic deformation power consumption. It saves space. The design of Guangya aluminum's domestic first industry intelligent loading equipment is very humanized, and the size is only 18cm x 12cm x 2.5cm. Users of via Alta DS system can enjoy the global software support services of via, which are compatible with the latest digital content management software

about Viagra Alta ds:

key features:

1) integrated quasi system scheme that can be used after loading software

2) designed for Android platform

3) arm cortex A9 platform based on standards

4) simple humanized design - energy saving and environmental protection

5) hardware acceleration supporting 1080p content in various formats

6) HDMI (Alta DS) or DVI-I (Alta TC)

7) four USB 2.0 interfaces

8) one 10/100 Ethernet interface

9) audio output/microphone input

10) up to 64GB flash memory

11) up to 1GB DDR3 SDRAM memory

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