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The application market prospect of honeycomb paper city is promising.

honeycomb paperboard products are the rising star of paper materials and have unique advantages. As the main substitute of wood materials, EPS foamed plastics and other materials, it has become a hot spot of attention

honeycomb paperboard technology is improving day by day

after nearly 20 years of painstaking research, development and continuous improvement, at present, China's honeycomb paperboard technology is improving day by day, and has been promoted to the brand strategy. It has successfully developed the so-called sixth and seventh generation honeycomb paperboard drafts of manufacturers, which will further improve the special equipment for board production

it is understood that at present, the production process forms of honeycomb paperboard in China generally include: winding honeycomb paperboard production process, laminated honeycomb paperboard production process, full-automatic continuous production process of honeycomb paperboard from paper feeding to board discharging, and continuous full-automatic production process of honeycomb paper core with arbitrary width, etc. China has independent intellectual property patent technology, and some technologies have filled the gap in the field of honeycomb paperboard at home and abroad, reaching the international advanced level

in recent years, China's honeycomb paperboard production equipment has crossed the ocean, ending the history of having to rely on imports rather than exports. This also marks that China's honeycomb paperboard production equipment has entered a stage of improvement, maturity, high-level and high-quality development, and has formed a new branch of the packaging industry with a certain level of scientific and technological development team based on scientific research institutions and enterprises' scientific and technological strength. It is of great significance and significant economic and social benefits to carry out "paper instead of wood", "paper instead of plastic", and expand the application field of honeycomb paperboard products

the trend of electronic information industry continues to rise, driving the accelerated development of honeycomb paperboard

as the representative of high-tech industry, electronic information industry has been acting as the main driving force for the development of the world economy for more than a decade, and China has become a major country in the manufacturing and export of electronic information products in the world

according to the statistics of authoritative departments, the regulation target of China's electronic information industry in 2006 recently released by the Ministry of information industry pointed out that: the production of color TV sets is expected to reach 91 million, of which the export volume is about 48 million; The output of microcomputer is expected to reach 98million units, and the export is 58million units; 198million color monitors, of which 160million are exported; 340 million, of which 250 million are exported; TV set-top box 4 realizes the comprehensive management of about 10million sets of lower machine clusters by the upper machine without decomposition under normal temperature... In recent years, the comprehensive strength of China's electronic information industry has been significantly enhanced, and the output of computers, color TVs and other products in consumer electronics products ranks first in the world. The export volume of electronic information products increased at an average annual rate of about 30%. In 2005, the export volume of electronic information products reached US $250billion, accounting for more than one third of the total export volume of China and about 20% of the total trade volume of the world's electronic information products

with the gradual reduction or elimination of tariff trade barriers, some non-tariff barriers replaced by them play an increasingly important role in international trade, among which green packaging is increasingly becoming a new non-tariff barrier - "green trade barrier". According to the statistics of relevant departments, among the economic losses caused by poor packaging and ineffective measures in China every year, about US $8billion of export products are affected by foreign environmental labeling systems, and US $24billion of export products are blocked because they fail to meet the requirements of environmental protection packaging in developed countries, resulting in direct losses and indirect losses such as paying high packaging waste treatment fees. Especially at the beginning of 2003, after the European Union issued the directive on scrapped electronic and electrical equipment and the directive on the prohibition of the use of certain hazardous substances in electronic and electrical equipment (WEEE RoHS) (hereinafter referred to as the "two directives"), China's electronic products are facing new problems of International market competition. In response to the European Union's "two directives" on electronic products, The Ministry of information industry, together with relevant national ministries and commissions, has jointly formulated the administrative measures for pollution control of electronic information products (hereinafter referred to as the measures), which will be promulgated and implemented soon. The "two directives" and the "measures" have also made clear provisions on packaging and packaging waste disposal. "Green packaging" system has become one of the main contents of setting green standards in China and developed countries. Therefore, it is imperative to create green packaging for electronic products. Honeycomb paperboard has become the ideal first choice of green packaging materials, and the market prospect of honeycomb paperboard is promising

excellent quality and perfect service tap the application market of honeycomb paperboard

quality is the foundation of enterprise development, honesty and pragmatism is the foundation. To do anything, we should take a long-term view. Excellent quality, honesty and pragmatism are essential and important factors. Honeycomb paperboard products are new products developed by substitution, and basically have not entered the peak period of substitution. In order to develop honeycomb paperboard, on the basis of improving and perfecting the equipment and technology and its internal quality, it still needs to further deepen the promotion and application. The author believes that in the research, development, promotion and application, there is indeed a lot of work to be done, such as technology, process, industry management and market cultivation

in the past two decades, China's honeycomb paperboard has grown from scratch and developed into an emerging industry with certain production capacity and high brand quality, gradually becoming a hot investment in high-tech in recent years. During this period, the author deeply realized that the development of honeycomb paperboard cannot be separated from the strong support, guidance and services of relevant departments of national ministries and commissions. Through various forms of promotion activities, the vision of the packaging industry has been broadened, and it has played a positive role in promoting the technological upgrading, process improvement and market expansion of honeycomb paperboard in China

in the past few years, the production and application of honeycomb paperboard products in China are in the initial and development stage. The research and development of production equipment, the structural design and processing and manufacturing capacity of products, and the serialization and standardization of products have made slow progress. Some user units have a psychological state of doubt, wait-and-see and waiting for the use of honeycomb paperboard products. Through "research and application, guide experience", we have widely expanded the application of honeycomb paperboard materials in electronic product packaging, and have made gratifying achievements. Honeycomb paperboard materials have won the favor of home appliance giants such as Changhong, Haier, Hisense, Kelon, Gree, Midea, Aucma, Galanz, etc. Liu Jiazhu, the packaging director of Galanz household appliances Co., Ltd., expressed his inner feelings at a honeycomb paperboard Seminar: it is increasingly important and necessary for household appliance packaging to be in line with the international market. In order to cope with "green trade barriers" and reduce "white pollution", Galanz began to research and develop a new packaging material - honeycomb paperboard in 2001 to replace the original EPS foam liner and wood shelf materials, After many times of repeated design, test, test, actual transportation and inspection, the packaging materials based on honeycomb paperboard have achieved remarkable results in the packaging of export air conditioners, which not only ensures the market access of products, but also reduces the packaging cost. The scientific and technological personnel and designers of the Research Institute of Sichuan Changhong packaging company, through many hard studies, have formed the application scheme of green and environmental protection packaging for household appliances series products such as "Changhong" brand air conditioners, color TVs, rear projectors, audio-visual products, etc. through the combined application of honeycomb paperboard as the main material and environmental protection materials such as corrugated paperboard, paper corner guards, pulp molding, etc., and have gradually replaced EPS foamed plastics, wooden pallets and wooden packaging boxes, and achieved remarkable results, Last year, "Changhong" company not only reduced the packaging cost by more than 20 million yuan, but also helped to improve the company's brand and image, reduce "white pollution", and opened a smooth "green channel" for the export of foreign trade products

Qingdao Haier, Hisense, Aucma and other home appliance giants have also begun to develop, promote and apply honeycomb paperboard to replace EPS foamed plastic packaging air conditioners in 2025, which has achieved remarkable results. According to the analysis, if the electronic product packaging of Qingdao Haier, Hisense and Aucma uses honeycomb paperboard to replace EPS foam plastic and wooden pallet, the annual demand of honeycomb paperboard is about 600 million yuan

according to incomplete statistics, only color picture tubes need about 5000 disposable pallets a day, and packaging boxes, cushioning pads, pallets for color TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and other household appliances are even more amazing. According to industry estimates, electronic products packaging needs more than 50 honeycomb paperboard production lines to meet the supporting supply. The rapid growth of electronic products has provided a huge market space for the development of China's honeycomb paperboard industry


honeycomb paperboard is a new environmental protection material developed in China in the 1990s. It is light in weight, strong in strength and rigidity, and has excellent performance of cushioning, shockproof, thermal insulation and sound insulation. It is easy to play the role of flame retardant, moisture-proof, waterproof, mildew proof, anti-static and so on after special treatment. As a plate, structural member or filling material, it can also be widely used in product packaging, transportation, storage and transportation, building decoration, vehicle and vessel manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, agriculture and other industries to replace wood, clay bricks, high foaming polystyrene (EPS), etc., which is of far-reaching significance to protect the ecological environment. Honeycomb paperboard products comply with national macro policies, environmental protection, circular economy policies and industrial development direction. It will become the mainstream of packaging materials for electronic information industrial products and other industrial products in China with its unique charm. Therefore, honeycomb paperboard production enterprises should effectively grasp the market demand, make breakthroughs in key equipment, key processes, promotion and application, and promote competitiveness through independent innovation, continuously improve product quality and enhance service awareness. On the basis of the concept of strong alliance, complementary advantages, resource sharing and mutual win-win, we will make greater contributions to the healthy development of honeycomb paperboard brand strategy and promotion and application, and to the improvement of China's ecological environment and the development of circular economy services. (ye Bozhang)

source: Shanghai packaging

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