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2017 summer wheat harvest service, Lovol engine takes zero complaint as the goal

2017 summer wheat harvest service, Lovol engine takes zero complaint as the goal

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and uses low shrinkage processing technology to give fiber appropriate fluffy degree

summer wheat harvest, Longkou grabs grain. This means that the three summer wheat harvest highlights the word "rush", which means that we should fight against the weather environment, rush to harvest and rush to enter the warehouse, and ensure that the wheat particles are stored in the warehouse. For this year's wheat harvest service, Lovol engine aims to "zero market complaints" to ensure that harvester users equipped with Lovol engine have a good income and ensure the smooth progress of this year's summer wheat harvest

Lovol engine has always regarded doing a good job of service guarantee for agricultural machinery users as the top priority of the annual key projects for many years. In the spring, wheat harvest and autumn harvest stages of each year, special planning and careful organization have been carried out to ensure the smooth development of wheat harvest service and ensure that users have no worries about service and accessories during the busy period of agriculture and three major synthetic materials

in this year's three summer service, Lovol engine adheres to the service concept of "Lovol service, wholeheartedly for you", strengthens the service organization and close service cooperation, practically does all work more fully, solidly and effectively, provides thorough and meticulous services to agricultural machinery operators, and makes every effort to take "maximizing customer revenue" as the work goal. At the Sanxia service mobilization meeting, the leaders also specially asked all service teams to do a good job in maintenance service during Sanxia, show excellent maintenance skills, reduce user complaints, do a good job in information collection and feedback, and cooperate with the company in the rectification and improvement of machine performance in the later stage. At the meeting, the leaders emphasized that the service team should pay attention to safety, and also pay attention to the safety of agricultural machinery workers

Lovol engine Sanxia service team is ready for the wheat harvest, providing users with "one-stop" and "whole process" high-quality and fast services to ensure that Lovol engine has value-added services wherever it goes. Strive to win 2. According to the needs of users, our hybrid parts in 2017 are an example of an overall victory

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