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Fuzhou University law school summer practice team visited tietuo machinery

Fuzhou University law school summer practice team visited tietuo machinery

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on the afternoon of July 16, Fujian tietuo Machinery Co., Ltd. welcomed a group of energetic visitors - "network era, legal escort to Quanzhou practice team", they are lovely teachers and students from Fuzhou University Law School. The practice team is led by Gao Bingxun and Lin Xin from Fuda law school. The team members are mainly freshmen from Fuzhou University Law School

the human administration center and technology research and development center of the company arranged to receive the teachers and students of Fuda University. The practice team first visited the remote diagnosis assistance center of tietuo machinery to understand the after-sales service system of construction machinery in the network era. Then, led by the staff of tietuo machinery, the practice team visited the qualified material workshop, model exhibition hall and technology research and development center of the company's production of "organic and inorganic composite materials", and had a brief sharing and exchange activity in the conference room on the fourth floor. At the exchange meeting, China's plastic machinery enterprises have increased their exploration of emerging markets for extruders in recent years. The staff shared with the students the development of the company, which is the advantage of our special materials. They introduced the stretching, tightening, twists and turns used to make various metal materials, as well as the basic situation of the experimental company and the current industry trend; The teachers and students of Fuda University also shared the colorful campus learning life and the entrepreneurial learning platform of the school. At the end of the activity, the teachers and students of the practice team enjoyed a simple dinner in the staff canteen of the company, and they were also full of praise for the sanitation and dishes of the staff canteen of tietuo machinery

in recent years, tietuo machinery has always paid attention to the interaction and cooperation with universities and colleges, and has jointly established the "asphalt mixing equipment technology research and development center" with many well-known domestic universities such as Chang'an University and Shandong Jiaotong University, which provides a good social practice and employment platform for college students. Through similar school enterprise interaction activities, tietuo machinery hopes to help students grow and cultivate more high-level and high-quality innovative talents for schools, enterprises and society

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