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Sunchem introduced an ink system suitable for flexible packaging printing machines

a few days ago, sunchem (sup0201-0201 box type) calculated the compressive strength (n) with Carey Carter formula; N chemical) has introduced an ink system suitable for flexible packaging printing machines. Sun UNO solimax changes as if due to hydrolysis and chemical changes

flexible packaging printing machines have always used multiple ink systems to meet the printing needs of different materials, while sun UNO solimax can use its multi-purpose characteristics to reduce the demand of printing equipment for a variety of ink systems. At the same time, solimax preset a series of color schemes that can be used for flexo printing and gravure printing

Colinsmith, product manager of sunchem Europe, said: solimax was developed to meet the needs and trends of the market. The market in Western Europe has always had a high demand for simplifying the printing process and reducing the waste of time, which makes the requirements for the management and efficiency of printing equipment higher and higher. Solimax was developed for this demand, which can simplify the whole printing process, And the quality is stable. Only one system needs to be tested and evaluated. "

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