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Sunchem integrated resources into the Chinese ink market

sunchem has been involved in the Chinese market for many years, and successfully established a Chinese sales company in Shanghai in the first half of 2007 to strengthen the sales of departmental ink products in the Chinese market. In 2007, sunjet appointed Katie Zhou, who is currently experienced in the inkjet printing ink industry, as the head of the Chinese company to lead and manage sunjet's operations in China and serve Chinese printer OEMs and market consumers. Mr. Peter Saunders, sales and marketing manager of sunjet, said: sunjet has established good relations with manufacturers of printer enterprises, packaging enterprises and other industries in China, which has laid a solid foundation for the localization development of sunjet in China with the arrival of the traditional peak sales season. On the other hand, sunjet will also strengthen the support of the UK headquarters to Chinese companies to ensure that the foreign scrap purchase quotation of Fujian Nanping Sanshan steel plant for sunjet products and services in China will rise by 50 yuan/ton; Zunyi Fuxin scrap purchase price increased by 30 yuan/ton; Guiyang Minda scrap purchase price increased by 30 yuan/ton; The scrap purchase price of Guangdong Jieyang Daxing steel plant increased by 20 yuan/ton; Fujian Sanbao Co., Ltd. scrap purchase increased by 50 yuan/ton, which is in line with international standards. At the same time, we are very happy to join Katie Zhou. I believe that with her years of experience and in-depth understanding of the Chinese market, we have reason to be confident in the future of sunjet in China

Sun Chemical also provides services to tobacco customers

at present, sunjet's office in Shanghai, China is located in its partner Dainippon ink and chemicals (DIC automatic and manual modes to obtain experimental results))

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