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Cisco 2019 enterprise network summary, read this article is enough

the top priority is the annual report

Cisco's 2020 global networking trends report

officially released

recently, Cisco held XT connect future activities around the world, invited experts to share insights into the future development of networks, and released Cisco's 2020 global networking trends report, which attracted more than 1200 participants from China and nearly 140000 video viewing times. Global networking trends 2020 reports IDC's research results. Its latest biodegradable materials can be used for 3D printing. Facial implants are written by external analysts and Cisco experts, aiming to explore the networking development trend in the digital age

smart release, a new look

reshaping network smart security

Cisco brings intention based wired and wireless networks to the public

in 2018, Cisco catalyst 9000 switch broke the limit and gave large networks the ability to learn, adjust and evolve by introducing intention based networks. Now, Cisco has expanded its iconic catalyst product portfolio to all wired and wireless access products, including branch office scenarios. It introduces the intention based network into the deployment of various scales, and brings more intelligent, simpler and safer networks to more customers

Cisco uses wi electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine, which is a high-precision experimental instrument combining light, machine and electricity -fi 6 to open a new wireless era

as a new standard of Wi Fi network, Wi Fi 6 (also known as 802.11ax) is redefining various possibilities that enterprises can realize, helping enterprises open a new era of immersive wireless experience, and easily connect billions of things at the same time. In addition, Cisco launched the park core switch built specifically for cloud network, expanding the industry's broadest park network product portfolio. By combining powerful automation and analysis software with a complete array of next-generation campus switches, access points, and controllers, Cisco provides the industry's only end-to-end wireless priority architecture

artificial intelligence and machine learning make networks smarter, simpler and safer

Cisco introduces software innovation aimed at simplifying network management and making networks more secure. As enterprises invest more and more in digital technology, the increasing workload often makes it teams tired of coping. In order to reduce this burden and enable it to focus on providing innovation, Cisco has introduced new AI and machine learning functions, enabling it teams to work quickly and efficiently with unique network insights. Among these extended functions, Cisco has also introduced innovative functions that can provide more efficient management of users and applications across the entire enterprise network, including park network and wide area, as well as data center and IOT edge

many Cisco products are available in AWS marketplace China

aws marketplace is a digital product catalog that includes thousands of software products from independent software suppliers, allowing customers to easily find, test, purchase and deploy software running on AWS. Cisco has logged into AWS marketplace for the following products. Click the title to learn more

cloud service router 1000V (CSR 1000V)

vedge cloud router

catalyst 9800-cl wireless controller

activity list, don't miss

new connection intelligence mastery

integration into the virtual summit in the wireless era

5g and the relationship between Wi Fi 6? The latest development trend of wireless network? And the impact of relevant technological changes on the industry? Cisco integrated into the virtual summit in the wireless era. Davidgoeckeler, executive vice president and general manager of Cisco network and security, spoke about wireless product innovation, and invited industry experts, opinion leaders, suppliers and manufacturers to share their deep insights into 5g and Wi Fi 6. The live broadcast attracted more than 1200 participants in China

Cisco 2019 Greater China enterprise network new product launch

this event, with the theme of smart connect new network, released new enterprise network solutions and products for the future, Including:

Cisco Wi Fi 6 new products and new wireless innovative solutions

Cisco's best cost-effective park access switch catalyst 2960l-sm and multi-functional solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises

Cisco's multi service integration service router and all in one solutions

2019 Industrial Expo

Cisco held the 21st China International Industrial Expo on September 17-21, 2019, Intelligent manufacturing solutions and a series of IOT products were exhibited, and Su Zhe, vice president of Cisco Greater China and general manager of enterprise business department technology, delivered a keynote speech. Su Zhe said in his speech: Cisco industrial interconnection solution is the cornerstone of digital transformation. From the perspective of interconnection, it is deeply integrated with AI/ml; With data-driven and business results as the core, combined with multi domain linkage editing technology, we are committed to providing customers with comprehensive follow-up visits. We have never interrupted digital solutions

2019 IDC China Digital Transformation annual ceremony

Mr. Cao Tuqiang, global vice president of Cisco and chief technology officer of Greater China, was invited to deliver a wonderful speech entitled "infinite possibilities for enterprise digital transformation", focusing on sharing the important role of Cisco's intention based network in promoting digital transformation, especially its newly released artificial intelligence and machine learning functions. He stressed that Cisco will help customers build an intention based network of self configuration, self adjustment, self repair and self optimization, help customers realize digital transformation in the Chinese market, and maximize all technological dividends in the digital transformation

customer cases, successful implementation of

win-win cooperation and wonderful creation

How about Cisco sd-wan? These domestic star enterprises are using

Cisco software to define wide area sd-wan as an overlapping wide area architecture for cloud delivery, which can realize full digitalization and cloud transformation in enterprises. It is not restricted by the platform, connects all users safely to any location or cloud, and provides a consistent application experience. Since its birth, Cisco software defined wide area sd-wan has many customers worldwide, and has served more than 100 customers in Chinese Mainland, covering retail, manufacturing, Finance (10), operators (6) and other industries. (there are many practical cases, please check the pictures quickly???)

approach map works together with Cisco to create a smart exhibition

smart city and smart exhibition operation leader approach map. Supported by Cisco's world-leading intention based network platform, it introduces business intelligence analysis of massive user data, and endows traditional exhibitions with digital energy. Even in the face of holding more than 200 exhibitions every year with a total value of more than $1.3 billion, large-scale and high-level exhibitions, the approach map can easily hold

what makes Haidilao's ultimate service and experience upgraded

Haidilao strives to constantly innovate and introduce the power of science and technology to provide customers with better service and experience. Cisco, together with its partner exands, provides Haidilao with a fast, stable, low-cost and convenient centralized management network through the mobility express solution

Cisco deployed Wi Fi 6 for 100000 people stadium in the United States

Hollywood Park has established a partnership with Cisco and selected Cisco, which guides global scientific and technological innovation, as the official IT network service partner of Sophie stadium and Hollywood Park. More than 2500 Wi Fi 6 wireless access points have been deployed in the Sophie stadium, which will provide faster speed, higher bandwidth (four times the capacity of the previous Wi Fi standard) and higher reliability for immersive experience applications, while reducing the burden on device batteries. The first overall 4K deployment of Cisco vision will provide about 2500 screens for the squares, suites, franchise areas of Sophie stadium and the entire Hollywood Park, making it one of the most advanced places in the world that can create and provide media centric experiences

strategic cooperation

strong forces work together to promote development

Cisco works with Samsung to fulfill its commitment to Wi Fi 6

Cisco cooperates with Samsung to jointly verify whether Wi Fi 6 can effectively improve connection speed, expand network capacity, and extend standby time. In addition, through the open roaming project, both sides are committed to establishing a better link between the digital display network of mobile force value and Wi Fi network

Cisco and Google station jointly promote the construction of global Wi Fi

Cisco announced at the world mobile communication conference in Barcelona, Spain, on February 24, 2019 that the company is currently carrying out a cooperation project with Google station, so that 1billion people have the opportunity to seize the development opportunities of the digital economy. The project provides network connections for isolated communities around the world by building high-speed public Wi Fi that is easy to access, safe, reliable and sustainable

solutions, in-depth analysis

deployment network to achieve innovation

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