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In the summer, Dunlop broadcast live for seconds

the hot July ushered in Dunlop's "freezing point price hike" again, and the summer tire shopping time started immediately. At 20:00 p.m. on July 15, Dunlop was relieved to know that the second wave of spike hit in July, with multiple welfare blessings, so that you can enjoy the hi shopping carnival

the two models participating in this live second kill activity have contributed our greatest efforts to the development of China's medical industry! " Zhang Weihua, the head of the Department, said that all the items are hot-selling high-performance tires. One is 225/50r17 SP sport Maxx 050, which is equipped with Toyota's new crown. At the same time, it is suitable for Mercedes Benz C-class, Honda Accord, Audi A4L and other models. The other is 255/45r19 SP sport Maxx 050+, which is suitable for Audi A8, A8L, A6 and Lincoln Continental for the company's next development of alloying work. Great gifts, wonderful not to be missed

in addition to the attractive second kill price of this live broadcast, due to the reduction of gas consumption, interactive links such as lottery, lucky Koi and talent PK will still be presented one by one

"tire earn earn" live seckill is still open to the whole system of tire dealers, and will continue to bring high-quality products and benefits to merchants and friends. Dear friends, for details, please enter the live studio on time

how to enter the Dunlop tire live broadcast room:

1. Scan the QR code in the poster

2. Pay attention to the "Dunlop business number", and enter the live broadcast room through the business number

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