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"China heavy truck summer cooling activity" Shenzhen station officially launched

"China heavy truck summer cooling activity" Shenzhen station officially launched

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a cool, a deep feeling, "relatives" will always accompany you on your journey. In 2017, China heavy truck had a large summer market, and the first station of the active service of cooling in the season was fully launched in Shenzhen on May 15. A service team composed of more than 10 people, including the Sales Department of China heavy truck, the technology center, the quality department of the truck company, the relevant supporting manufacturers of air conditioners, and the Shenzhen Branch and service station, carried out a two-day active service of cooling in the summer in Shenzhen

this activity aims to publicize the concept and policy of relatives' active service, establish good customer relations, improve user satisfaction, truly reflect the role of relatives' consultants and nannies, provide good service support for summer sales, guide the service network to actively explore the market and tap potential users

during the event, sinotruk took the initiative to provide users with services and training in air-conditioning repair, maintenance, precautions for use, etc., and the Sales Department of SINOTRUK promised to reduce the air-conditioning fluorine filling fees and maintenance fees of car buyers after May 15, 2014; At the same time, strengthen market research and carefully solicit customers' opinions during the activities. In the summer when the sun is high and the high temperature is frequent, sinotruk polyurethane waterproof coating has attracted much attention in the construction field. It can ensure a certain displacement loading rate and send it a "cool summer", which fully demonstrates the value concept of "family service" of SINOTRUK

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