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China Mobile approved the first UAV base station patrol airspace in China

communication world news (CWW) recently, China Mobile zhixingluo Technology Co., Ltd. and China Mobile Hubei Co., Ltd. successfully obtained the approval of the first UAV base station patrol service normalized operation test airspace in Wuhan, Hubei Province

the approved airspace covers an area of nearly 800 square kilometers. The area includes multiple environmental scenes such as towns, suburbs, rural areas, fields, lakes, mountains and 2G, 3G and 4G base stations. Airspace approval is a prerequisite for the lawful and compliant operation of UAV base station patrol. This airspace approval has created a good start for China Mobile to further carry out UAV base station patrol and station exploration nationwide and build an intelligent communication infrastructure support and planning system

schematic diagram of approved airspace

as of December 2018, the number of mobile base stations in China has reached 3.45 million, including more than 2million 4G base stations, covering 99% of the country's population. The number of 4G base stations continues to grow, and 5g scale construction is about to be carried out nationwide

the construction and guarantee of communication network are related to the national economy and the people's livelihood. Base station survey and patrol inspection are becoming more and more important as the basis for the quality assurance of existing 4G network and the construction of 5g scale in the future. Because the communication base stations are widely distributed and the geographical environment is diverse and complex, the traditional mode of manual tower climbing for patrol inspection and station exploration has the problems of low efficiency, high security risk, strong subjectivity of results, extensive management and high labor cost. The above problems can be effectively solved by using UAV, mobile communication, artificial intelligence and other technologies to carry out the inspection and survey of Lubrizol Life Science in the base station. According to the actual measurement, the patrol inspection of mountain base stations can be completed in about 15 minutes by UAV. Patrol inspectors can carry UAV to patrol and survey multiple base stations in one day, which greatly improves the operation efficiency, standardization and safety

legal and compliant flight is the prerequisite for carrying out UAV base station inspection business. China mobile intelligence bank will, in strict accordance with the requirements of relevant regulatory authorities, rely on the UAV management application platform independently developed by China mobile intelligence bank and with 100% intellectual property rights to carry out the management and operation of UAVs, pilots, pilots 1 and on-time lubricating oil operations in the approved airspace

China mobile intelligence will, under the guidance of relevant regulatory authorities, cooperate with China Mobile Hubei company, Research Institute and Design Institute, and cooperate with partners such as ewater, Haikang robot, ruolian technology and Zhongxiang Tenghang to further optimize the functions of UAV management and base station patrol inspection products, and carry out the National Airspace application under the guidance of the group company based on the test results and formed capabilities, Accelerate the nationwide promotion and legal compliance operation of UAV base station patrol inspection, fully improve the informatization and intelligence level of communication quality assurance for unused user groups, explore a new mode of UAV base station patrol management and operation, create an intelligent communication infrastructure support planning system, and provide better communication network services for the country, society and customers

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