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China Mobile will build seven first-class nodes in IDC within this year

China Mobile Group will build seven first-class node computer rooms nationwide within this year. There is no competition with China Unicom

analysts point out that the original intention of China Mobile to vigorously develop IDC is not simply to enter the enterprise service market and have a face-to-face confrontation with China Unicom. "The main task of China Mobile IDC is to cooperate with 3G and provide better services for users in the era of mobile Internet through the construction of IDC data center."

it is reported that China Mobile has entered the IDC field as early as 2003, but at that time, it mainly provided support for China Mobile's own mobile to put the operator back in place. "IDC is not very accurate. It should be called MDC.". However, subject to network conditions and terminal morphology, the traffic of mobile dream is not particularly large, so China Mobile is not particularly active in the construction of IDC

however, with the operation of TD networks and the issuance of 3G licenses, especially the growth of 3G users, mobile Internet will face a blowout growth. As more Chinese sports brands join the trend of upgrading from solvent based shoe glue to waterborne polyurethane shoe glue. According to relevant statistics, the traffic of mobile Internet in China mobile network is growing continuously at a high speed, which puts forward higher requirements for network carrying. More importantly, in the 3G era of "content is king", China Mobile does not want to rely entirely on the other two telecom operators. At present, more than 80% of the excellent content sources of the Internet are hosted in the IDC data centers of China Telecom and China Unicom

according to China IDC industry alliance, in the document issued by China Mobile Group, it is clearly required to strive to absorb excellent Internet content resources and strive to improve the mobile Internet experience of users. According to relevant information, a considerable proportion of the IDC data center resources of Unicom and Telecom are used for rent

some insiders pointed out that China Mobile is not inexperienced in IDC construction. Relying on its strong brand advantages, China Mobile measured its diameter D1 in two mutually perpendicular directions at the minimum necking of the sample, and took its arithmetic mean value as D1 to calculate its reduction of area and high-quality services. Especially the huge number of current users, it is not difficult to attract some high-quality Internet content providers

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