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From September 27 to 30, 2017 China International Information and Communication Exhibition kicked off in Beijing. With the theme of connecting the future with you, China Mobile comprehensively displayed new products, technologies and businesses in the fields of new generation information and communication technology, IOT, smart government and enterprise, digital home, etc., attracting many visitors to experience on the spot

a cup of fragrant capsule coffee, live video broadcast with 10086 customer service, remote driving, UAV, and winning 50m traffic. The main booth of China Mobile located in hall 6 of Beijing National Convention Center covers an area of 500 square meters. The on-site audience can not only personally experience rich businesses and applications, but also participate in award-winning interactive links to experience the new experience brought by technology

in the 5g exhibition area, visitors can experience 5g panoramic live broadcast, 5g combined vehicle remote driving, 5g UAV and 5g intelligent factory production line. 5g can provide ultra wideband and ultra-high speed capability, high reliable and ultra-low delay communication support capability, and super large connection IOT capability, supporting millions of connections per square kilometer. Taking 5g combined vehicle remote driving as an example, through the driving simulator in the exhibition area, the remote control of the field automatic driving vehicle is realized, and the fast and accurate transmission of control information is realized by relying on the characteristics of 5g extremely low time delay, ultra-high reliability and large bandwidth. In order to achieve the strategic goal of 5g comprehensive leadership and commercial use in 2020, China Mobile launched the 5g technology test in 2017, and the data of Beijing and Shanghai can be seen on the scene: after the test, the remote real-time live broadcast will be conducted in Guangzhou

in the information security and Society exhibition area, the achievements made by China Mobile in effectively preventing and combating communication information fraud, controlling phishing stations, malware and pseudo base stations were mainly displayed. In response to the communication information fraud, China Mobile has launched a heavy attack with multiple measures, and established multiple sets of centralized control systems such as spam short MMS, harassment fraud, malware, and pseudo base stations to block and intercept online. In addition, the targeted poverty alleviation system independently developed by China Mobile has also attracted a lot of attention. With Internet and big data technology as the core, this system has achieved accurate analysis, service and management of poverty alleviation, and won high praise from cadres and the masses in poor mountainous areas

in the smart government and enterprise exhibition area, the case of smart industrial energy sand table displayed by China Mobile is particularly eye-catching, highlighting the whole process monitoring of safe manufacturing and flexible production of industrial energy. In recent years, China Mobile has made every effort to promote the construction of Internet + and jointly built an open and shared industrial ecosystem with global industrial chain partners. It has made progress in eight industries, including government affairs, finance, education, medical treatment, transportation, industrial energy, agriculture and commerce, and Internet. At the same time, based on the existing 4G network and facing the Internet +, China Mobile has four basic informatization capabilities: Video +, security +, office + and cloud +

in the digital home exhibition area, mobile optical broadband, digital home cooperation alliance, mobaihe, Migu cinema and other products all appeared, covering various scenes of customers' life and entertainment. Among them, the Youjia plan mainly launched by China Mobile consists of a platform (home China is the world's largest open platform for wind power market), a terminal (smart home gateway), an entrance (hejiaqin APP) and a group of products (providing users with 8, 4-7 steps of various products and services). At present, the family open platform can provide the operation and management functions of family value-added services for 20million users, 20million apps and 100 million users. As an upgraded product of family broadband, the smart family gateway is the connection hub of various smart devices such as family wired and wireless, making the connection more convenient

it is understood that in the annual series of awards at the 2017 China International Information and Communication Exhibition, China Mobile Research Institute won five awards, including the nb-iot annual excellent technical innovation team, the nb-iot annual excellent IOT Mobile Innovation Award (the rack item of two parallel cleaning force measuring parts), the MEC annual excellent technical innovation team and the MEC annual excellent case award, showing its leadership and influence in the field of mobile communication technology innovation, It has made positive contributions to the realization of the information and communication industry and the construction of a network power

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