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China is the largest export market of Chilean forest products

according to the data of the Forestry Bureau under the Ministry of agriculture of Chile, China was the largest export market of Chilean forest products in 2011, with an export volume of US $1.065 billion, accounting for 18% of the total export volume of its forest products. 10 years ago, paper products in the Chinese market again became the candidate, accounting for only 6.1% of the total, so that hot samples such as films can be as easy to control as heavy injection molded parts. China mainly imports pulp, sawn and planed wood and a small amount of paper

the export volume of Chile's forestry in 2011 was 2.5 times that in 2000, when the export volume was only US $2.365 billion. Another significant change is the sharp rise in the proportion of China as a destination of Chilean forest products exports

the United States was once the largest export market of Chilean forest products. Its share peaked in 2004, accounting for 29.4%. It has declined due to the financial crisis and has not recovered so far, accounting for only 10.6% last year. The forest products imported from the United States are mainly building materials

2011, the third largest export destination after China and the United States was Japan, accounting for 9.1%, followed by Italy, accounting for 6.5%, South Korea, accounting for 5.8%, and Mexico in Latin America, accounting for 5.7%

78% of Chilean forest products exports are concentrated in the two groups. Arau materials are also widely used in aerospace, fire safety, military equipment and other fields CO (Angelini) and cmpc (matte). The two groups have 1.1 million hectares of forest land in Chile, and the total forest land owned by other companies is about 1.4 million hectares

the head of the forestry bureau said that although the main export destination is not in Europe, the European crisis will also have an impact. The potential problems in Asia and the United States will have a greater impact. If the pulp price continues to fall, the prices of other forest products will also be affected. It is estimated that Chile's forestry export this year will decrease by 7% compared with the US $5.906 billion reached last year. However, from the perspective of the span of nearly 10 years, Chile's forestry export shows a jump growth

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