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Luban ruler has two layers, the upper one is called gate meter, and the lower one is called Ding LAN ruler. The door meter is used for the construction of mansions, and for the measurement of living people's housing appliances. There are eight words on it: wealth, disease, separation, righteousness, official, robbery, harm and Ben. Eight characters are a cycle, and the length of a cycle is one foot two inch eight and a half, about 43 cm according to the current size. Each word has four stars respectively, which are:

Wealth: represents auspiciousness, and refers to money and talent

wealth Virtue: it refers to the performance in wealth, virtue, virtue and virtue. Treasure house: it refers to obtaining or storing precious items

Six Harmonies: harmony and happiness. Six Harmonies are the four directions of heaven and earth. Welcome blessing: Welcome blessing. Blessing is happiness and benefit

disease: it represents ferocity. It refers to the injury, disaster, disease and disadvantage, etc

returning money: the meaning of losing money. Official business: it mostly refers to public affairs, such as corruption and bribery, Eucalyptus cases, etc

prison: refers to the disaster of prison. Widowhood: refers to the behavior of being lonely and widowed

separation: it represents ferocity and refers to the separation of six relatives

long Library: there was a saying of prison in ancient times. Plunder: consume and lose money

official Ghost: refers to something caused by official evil spirits. Loss: the loss of goods and the separation of people

meaning: represents auspiciousness. It refers to the behavior that conforms to justice and ethics, or has the behavior of collecting donations and doing good deeds

Tianding: in ancient times, giving birth to a boy was called Tianding. Profit: increased financial benefits

noble son: an heir who can become famous in the future. Lucky: good luck

official: on behalf of auspicious, it refers to official fortune

Shunke: successfully passed the exam and won the middle school. Windfall: unexpected wealth

earnings: earnings. Wealth: rich and powerful

robbery: represents ferocity, which means being robbed and coerced

farewell: farewell forever. Retreat: it refers to the matter of filial piety

leaving home: leaving home. Property loss: property loss or loss

evil: it represents evil and evil

disaster: disaster. Death: Die clean

disease approaching: disease approaching. Tongue: quarrel

Ben: represents auspiciousness, the standard or noumenon of things

Wealth: that is, wealth. Enroll: be admitted in the exam

treasure: attract money and treasure. Prosperity: prosperity

generally, you should choose auspicious words when measuring things

[money head and tail, pay attention to the inside rather than the outside]. The scarlet letter between caiben can't be used wrong

[grasp the inside but not the outside] means that the door frame size is mainly based on the inner layer of the sill. However, we must pay attention to some words in the scarlet letter that cannot be used indiscriminately. It should be noted that the door of the house is only equipped with the words "this door" and "caimen". The word "Yimen" is used in monasteries, Taoist temples, schools and other places where righteousness is gathered. If the word "Yimen" is used in the door of the house, there will be disasters on the door, such as the people in the family are not friendly, etc. the official door is used by government departments, and if the door of the house is used, there will be lawsuits and even imprisonment. The throne and Buddha's utensils are also measured with a meter to get more money or words

in doing business, we usually use the word "wealth", not the word "righteousness". If we pay too much attention to righteousness, business is unprofitable. Only applicable to brothers on the road or religious temples. Generally, it is best to take advantage of both yin and Yang (that is, the door meter and the Ding LAN meter are auspicious), but generally, the scarlet letter between [Cai] and [Ben] shall prevail. [wealth] refers to the Treasury, which originally refers to the source, but also means an endless flow. Usually, the rule of using ruler is as follows:

people live at home: the word [great luck] is the best. Business occasion: take the word "wealth" as the best

religious temples: take the word [righteousness]. Public units, police organs (including prosecutors): take the word [official]

the width and height of the divine throne and ancestor card: take [Tianding] as the best. Size and height of fish tank: choose [Treasury] as the best

the lower floor of Luban ruler is called Ding LAN ruler, which is mostly used for measurement in yinzhai and ancestral niche

there are also several words on Ding Lan Chi, which are ding, harm, prosperity, bitterness, righteousness, official, death, prosperity, loss and talent. The meanings of the representatives are:

Ding: lucky star and Caiwang Dengke harm: tongue disease is dying, and the disaster is coming.

Wang: Tiande happy event enters Baona, and fortune is bitter: the ghost of losing an official robs money without heirs.

righteousness: great fortune, wealth, wealth, wealth, wealth, fortune, Shunke

death: leaving the hometown, leaving Ding, losing wealth, prosperity: Dengke's son, Tianding, prosperity

loss: being alone and imprisoned Return money for business: Welcome fortune Liuhe into baocaide

you can see the words above. Try to measure the size to meet auspicious words. The ruler is about one foot one inch six minutes long, that is, 39 cm. Whether it's a door meter or a Ding LAN meter, one cycle is not enough. You can cycle again according to this

・ in home decoration, Lu Banchi is mainly used in the following places:

-- for the measurement of the size of the entrance door, bedroom door, kitchen door and several main doors

-- the size of the desk

-- size of furniture, bed and cabinet

· measurement method of Luban ruler:

-- measure the inner diameter of the door; Measure the left and right sides of the furniture

-- subject to centimeter (CM), refer to the words above the black line in the middle. For example, 38 cm is the most auspicious size, so 38 cm is the auspicious size. You can safely use

· application essentials of Lu Banchi: - - the best size of the door is: Yingfu, hengcai, Caizhi, Daji

-- the best size of the master bedroom door is: Caizhi, Jinbao, Xingwang, Liuhe

-- the best size of children's room door is: Dengke, Guizi, Daji, Yili

if the auspicious number of the door opening on Lu Ban's ruler is converted into metric size, the usual auspicious number scales are:

21--23 cm, 40--42cm, 60--62cm, 81cm, 88cm, 89cm,

106--108cm, 126--128cm, 133cm, 146cm, 155cm, 171--176cm,

191--198cm, 211--216cm, 231--236cm, 241cm, 253--256cm, 261--263cm,

275cm, 281--283cm,

generally speaking, the height of modern doors does not exceed 283cm, For common houses, the width of the door (i.e. the light intensity, which is the horizontal distance of the inner wall of the door frame, excluding the thickness of the door frame) is mostly 108CM, and the height is mostly about 212cm, while the width of the door is mostly 81cm, and the height is mostly 198cm. Such a scale is suitable for all. [Luban classic] believes that it is best for ordinary people to install "caimen" and "Jimen"

a single door should have an auspicious size of "two foot eight inch" door

the small single door should be opened two feet and one inch, that is, 67.2 cm is the righteousness door; A single door should be opened two feet eight inches, that is, 89.6 cm, which is a lucky door

small double doors should be opened at four feet three inches one minute, that is, 137.92 cm is a lucky door; Double doors should be four feet three inches eight, that is, 140.16 cm, for the door of wealth

large double doors should be opened five feet six inches six minutes, that is, 181.12 cm is a lucky door

Geely sizes are widely used. According to Shilin Guangji, these are Geely sizes that can be used in all aspects of indoor layout

an inch (3.2 cm) is "wealth"; Six inches (19.2 cm) is "meaning"

one foot six inches (51.2 cm) is "wealth"; Two feet one inch (67.2 cm) is "meaning"

two feet eight inches (89.6 cm) is "auspicious"; Three feet six inches (115.2 cm) is "meaning"

five feet six inches (179.2 cm) is "auspicious"; Seven feet one inch (227.2 cm) is "auspicious"

seven feet eight inches (249.6 cm) is "meaning"; Eight feet eight inches (281.6 cm) is "auspicious"

an inch (323.2 cm) is "wealth"

of course, Luban ruler is only the standard of the ancient house portal furniture. For modern houses, the size of Luban ruler can only be used as a reference. In the final analysis, the size of the door and furniture is determined by the needs of people's activities and the actual situation of the house. As long as the size is moderate, convenient and practical, there is no need to stick to the rules

the Daji size of Lu Banchi: 0-54 cm, 16.2 cm -26.8 cm, 37.5 cm -48.3 cm,

59.1 cm -69.8 cm, 80.5 cm -91.3 cm, 102 cm -112.7 cm,

123.4 cm -134.2 cm, 144.9 cm -155.6 cm, 166.4 cm -177.1 cm,

187.8 cm -198.5 cm, 209.3 cm -220.1 cm, 230.8 cm -241.5 cm,

252.2 cm -263 cm, 273.8 cm -284.5 cm, The above figures are auspicious Can be used for doors and windows





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