Why are personalized doors and windows so popular

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Eyes are the windows of the soul, and doors and windows are the eyes of buildings; What kind of door and window can show your personality? What kind of doors and windows can catch the market

there is a poem in Liushahe: "once the door is closed, it is home and the world". You can notice that the architectural structure of rows of houses may be the same, but each house has a unique style. Take a closer look, it is the creative door or window that makes the house full of personality

according to the post-90s research report released by OMD Industry Report Research Institute this year, the post-90s account for 17% of China's total population, and one in six people is the post-90s, of which about 53.5% of the post-90s families have an average annual income of more than 300000 yuan

everyone is eager to embrace this group, but they often feel unable to start. In order to embrace this group, angel doors and windows took great pains. Angel doors and windows hopes to attract more people with personalized needs for aluminum alloy doors and windows, including young people after the 1990s

"personalization" is a road sign to the heart of young people, but this road sign is not only to the heart of young people

"different from others" is the personalized psychological demand of young people, and more and more people choose "more suitable for me", which is another form of personalization. Whether it is the "different from others" of young people, or more and more people choose "more suitable for me", it is part of the psychological appeal foundation of current "consumption upgrading"

in short, door and window manufacturers should improve their personalized design and combine it with the development trend of the times. Door and window manufacturers boldly put forward the real personalized demand of "you design, I produce; you conceive, I implement" in combination with reality, according to consumer preferences and the most avant-garde elements. Meet the personalized needs of young consumers

angel is committed to creating products that consumers love, so that "personalization" meets every consumer


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