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High grade solid wood furniture is loved by many people because it uses glue, paint, etc., which may have some peculiar smell. So what are the methods of removing the smell of high-end furniture? When you choose furniture, you will prefer well-known brand products. What are the domestic high-end solid wood furniture brands? Next, Xiaobian will simply introduce to you the deodorization methods of high-end furniture and the brands of high-end solid wood furniture

I. odor removal methods for high-end furniture

1. There will be some peculiar smell after buying new furniture. For example, the surface of some high-end mahogany furniture will be treated by raw paint and waxing, which will inevitably have some peculiar smell. Opening doors and windows for ventilation is the simplest way to remove odor, which usually requires continuous ventilation for about 2 hours

2. We can also open the door cabinet of furniture, place two pots of salt water indoors, or add some vinegar to the water to absorb the residual odor. Or you can put some pineapples, orange peel, etc., but this method will be slower

3. Placing potted plants such as Chlorophytum comosum and aloe to purify the air indoors, or using products such as activated carbon and air purifier, is also an effective way to remove the odor of furniture. If the paint smell of furniture is strong, we can wipe it with tea several times

2. What are the brands of high-end solid wood furniture? 1. Huafeng

Huafeng furniture is a first-class large-scale furniture manufacturer in China. The company has tens of thousands of varieties of living room, office and other series. Its products are sold at home and abroad, and once created the first sales and export volume of the furniture industry in China. The company was also rated as the first brand in the furniture industry, and the quality of China's first batch of environmental protection products can be trusted

2. Federal

Federal furniture is a private furniture enterprise focusing on medium and high-end solid wood furniture and other products. Adhering to the original furniture design, the company has attracted excellent designers from China, France and other countries, integrated the essence of Chinese and Western culture, and won many domestic and foreign design awards, such as the China Furniture Design Leadership Award. In order to ensure the high quality of products, the company has introduced foreign advanced equipment, created a variety of processing technologies, and produced in strict accordance with industry standards. Its products have passed many certifications such as CTC

3. Double leaf

double leaf is the largest solid wood furniture manufacturer in China. The company adopts high-quality wood from Russia, Changbai Mountain and other regions, introduces international advanced production equipment and technology, adheres to independent innovation, and has obtained more than 30 product patents. Its products are exported to Germany, Canada and other countries. The company has also won many honors such as China's well-known trademark

Xiaobian summary: This is the Xiaobian's introduction to the deodorization methods of high-end furniture and the brands of high-end solid wood furniture. When choosing furniture, try not to choose products with great taste





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