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Customized home has become the darling of the home furnishing industry in the past decade, which is the trend of social development. People's living space is getting smaller and smaller. In order to make more rational use of space, customized home will create a comfortable home life for you

it's national day. Raphael has given you a gift. The National Day is a great "joy" for guests. You can't miss the huge benefits. Come to Raphael and take home the healthy customized home

Rafael customized furniture 2014 National Day promotion activities:

I. purpose of the activity:

1. The purpose of the activity takes the "National Day" national holiday as an opportunity to further publicize the overall image of the brand store and improve the brand's popularity and reputation by planning a series of activities

2. Through the influence and radiation of promotional activities, maximize the flow of store personnel, enhance popularity, expand the sales performance of exclusive stores, and improve the market share of Rafael customized furniture brand products

II. Activity theme:

Red China, National Day "happy" guest - Rafael customized furniture peak "Hui " war

III. promotion time:

terminal implementation time: September 25, 2014 - October 8, 2014

IV. promotion scope:

National Rafael authorized stores.

during the National Day golden week, Rafael launched huge discounts. Waiting for your arrival, National Day" happy "guest, you and me, Rafael health customized home appointment you





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