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Closer cooperation between schools and enterprises: Lenovo Group CTO Rui Yong took up the post of part-time Dean of the two institutes of artificial intelligence of Southeast University

original title: closer cooperation between schools and enterprises: Lenovo Group CTO Rui Yong took up the post of part-time Dean of the two institutes of artificial intelligence of Southeast University

China Singapore, Nanjing, January 14 (Shen rantong, Wu Chan) on the 14th, the College of artificial intelligence and the Institute of artificial intelligence of Southeast University held the unveiling ceremony in Nanjing, and the chief technical officer of Lenovo Group Dr. ruiyong, senior vice president, served as part-time presidents of the two academies. This marks another 985 University and "double first-class" construction university to set a new situation in the field of artificial intelligence; And the direct involvement of front-line enterprise technical directors in college talent training has gradually become a trend for creating a larger and better professional and international platform, which is conducive to the close integration of college teaching and market demand

Rui Yong introduced that after the establishment of the Artificial Intelligence College and Research Institute of Southeast University, the research direction will cover basic theory, support system and innovative application of the whole industrial chain layout. Among them, basic theoretical research includes machine learning and data mining, pattern recognition and intelligent control, knowledge engineering and multi-agent, complex system and network science, etc; The supporting system includes perceptual intelligence, human-machine collaboration to enhance intelligence, and intelligent chips and hardware; Innovative applications involve intelligent equipment and manufacturing systems, intelligent cities, and man-machine collaborative diagnosis and treatment

"in terms of talent training, in order to actively respond to the national AI strategy, the college will focus on the core science and key technology in the field of AI, face the international frontier of disciplines and the needs of social development, gradually achieve the deep integration of scientific research, education and industry, and form an education and scientific research system of innovative talent training and technology application-oriented talent training." Rui Yong told that he would also actively play the role of a link and bridge, further promote the cooperation between the University and Lenovo Group, help Southeast University to build the College of artificial intelligence into a world-class talent training and scientific and technological innovation base, and build the Institute of artificial intelligence into a first-class artificial intelligence research institution with international influence

zhangguangjun, President of Southeast University, said that he hoped that through the establishment of the two academies, guided by national large-scale projects, platforms, teams and achievements, he would aim at the international frontier, focus on national needs, build national priorities, bravely break into the "no man's land" at the forefront of AI technology, and strive to make revolutionary and disruptive breakthroughs in the development direction, theory, methods, tools and systems of AI, Achieve curve overtaking in specific areas

this time, Southeast University also signed a package of cooperation plans with Lenovo Research Institute, such as the cooperation agreement between Southeast University and Lenovo Research Institute to jointly build a joint laboratory for computer vision and augmented reality. According to the agreement, the party that has obtained this kind of new alloy will jointly build the "Joint Laboratory of computer vision and augmented reality" and the "big data center of Southeast University", and jointly carry out talent training, computer vision and augmented reality advanced technology research and ecological construction in related fields by combining the respective expertise and resource advantages of schools and enterprises. In addition to the "strategic agreement on comprehensive cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence" previously signed by Southeast University and Lenovo Group, the two sides will strengthen in-depth cooperation in incubating and gathering scientific and technological enterprises and supporting the transformation and upgrading of local industries, so as to achieve mutual benefit, win-win results and common development. (end)

: Bai Jiayi

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