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Can school education also be customized? On December 12, the seventh annual 2018 "China's good education" grand ceremony hosted by China Internet Center (China) was grandly held in diaoyutaistateguesthouse in Beijing. Zhang Tianbao, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of education, Wang Xuming, former spokesman of the Ministry of education and President of the truth seeking Education Experimental Research Institute of the China Tao Xingzhi Research Association, Li Jintao, honorary chairman of the junior high school education professional committee of the China Education Association, Xue Lisheng, vice president of the China Internet Center (China), representatives of educational enterprises and outstanding teachers from all over the world gathered together to pay tribute to the 40 year development history of Chinese education, talk about the development plan of education and create a new future of Chinese education. As a pioneer and practitioner of it vocational education in China, Peking University workshop, with the gene of Peking University Bluebird group, was invited to attend the ceremony. With its outstanding achievements in cultivating it vocational training for many years and providing more than 100000 IT talents for the society, it won the honor of "2018 influential brand of educational technology innovation". At the same time, Mr. Xiao Rui, the founder and general manager of the workshop, It also won the honor of "2018 Internet + education man of the year" by leading the innovation and breakthrough development of classroom workshop education

in 2018, China ushered in the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. In order to pay tribute to the historical changes of China's education in the past 40 years and look forward to the new situation of the times, China Internet Center held the 7th "China's good education" grand ceremony with the theme of "moving forward in creation and making educators powerful". Since the opening of this grand ceremony on September 10, after more than three months of participation solicitation, friend voting and expert review, the 2018 excellent individuals and enterprises awards in China's good education industry have been selected to encourage business groups and individuals to promote China's education development. Under the leadership of its founder, Mr. Xiao Rui, the workshop is dedicated to college students' IT training. It has innovated intelligent and professional teaching services and "high salary employment" service system. "Smart textbooks +ai adaptive learning platform + employment security" meet the growth needs of different students and meet the job requirements of different enterprises. It is well deserved to win two awards at this event

Mr. Xiao Rui, the founder and general manager of the workshop, won the award of "China Internet + education man of the year" (first from the left)

as a top software technology expert in China, this is the second time that Mr. Xiao Rui has won the honor of "China Internet + education man of the year". In 20 years of IT education, he has been fighting in the front line of education, and his technical research covers C language, Java language Northcote, the operating system, said, "this has put a lot of pressure on us in many fields, such as design, agile project management, artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, etc. in recent years, with the development of AI, cloud computing, big data and other technologies, he has kept pace with the times and led the course workshop to develop and launch a (Artificial Intelligence) B (big data) C (Cloud Computing) B (blockchain) in 2018." Four colleges. Years of IT education product management, enterprise management and enterprise innovation and development have established his status as a vocational educator. For this award, He said: "it's a great honor to win this award again. For me, it's both an honor and a spur. As we all know, doing it vocational education is a long-term undertaking that needs to be persevered. As a veteran engaged in it vocational education, I will continue to keep pace with the times for training IT vocational talents and actively contribute to promoting the development of China's education."

Mr. Xiao Rui, the founder and general manager of the workshop, won the award of "China Internet + education man of the moment"

continuous innovation and development. The workshop always adheres to the concept of cultivating practical and professional talents and provides more reliable it employment education services. In order to effectively meet the needs of enterprises and enable students to integrate into enterprises faster and better, relying on the 20-year vocational education development experience of Beida Qingniao, the course workshop combines the development needs of Vocational Education in the new era, innovates the research and development of course products, and adopts the reverse course design method to develop the most practical and efficient learning services, project training, and smart textbooks that are suitable for students and ultimately provide personalized solutions to users, At present, more than 50 professional textbooks have been published together with the people's Posts and Telecommunications Publishing House; Innovate MOOC learning service platform, develop AI adaptive learning engine, analyze 3.5 billion learning behavior data by using big data, cloud computing and other technologies, and accurately grasp and solve students' learning difficulties; Accurately grasp the development of the times. In order to ensure that students learn real technology, the workshop has been carefully investigated and developed to build new technology teaching colleges such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data and blockchain, so as to provide a platform for college students to realize their dream of "high salary employment". At the same time, the workshop also worked with PICC to launch employment security insurance to ensure that students' learning is guaranteed

thanks to the practical and professional "high paid employment" services provided to students and the reliable skilled talents provided to enterprises for many years, the workshop has not only won the recognition and trust of consumers, but also received high praise and recognition from the industry. This time, it is well deserved to win the honor of "2018 influential brand of educational technology innovation". This is not only an encouragement for the workshop to provide more reliable it employment education services for many years. At present, there is no specific analysis method to identify recycled plastics at home and abroad, but also an expectation for the workshop to continue to innovate the education model and promote the development of the industry

class workshop won the 2018 "education science and technology innovation influence brand" award

highlight the power of brand example with honor, and promote the development of IT education industry with innovation. For class workshops, innovation is the key to it education. Looking back on the development of the Internet industry, in the past two decades, the development of Internet technology can be described as earth shaking. "Every month, the processing performance of computers will double, but the price remains the same." Moore's law has expired, and now the performance of computers is growing exponentially. At the same time, IOT, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, quantum computing and other technologies are still in their infancy, and there are infinite possibilities in the future. This is the best and worst time for it vocational education industry! The rapid change of technology has brought great pressure to the post structure of many IT vocational education machines, and it is an opportunity for the classroom workshop with great innovation ability and strong social sense. More reliable it employment education, class workshop has set sail

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