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Decomposition and application in the process of enterprise informatization planning

after years of informatization research and practice, domestic production enterprises and IT enterprises have gradually realized that the process of it planning is actually the process of common growth of enterprise management, helping enterprises improve the level of informatization management, that is, helping enterprise management improve their understanding of informatization, and promoting the management to reach a consensus on informatization, At the same time, it also helps the enterprise to realize its strategy smoothly. In essence, enterprise informatization is the informatization of management, and the level of enterprise informatization is the concrete embodiment of enterprise management level

the primary goal of it planning is to solve the understanding problems of the leadership and put an end to the "top leader" project. Another goal of it planning is to solve the "island" problem of enterprise informatization, and digest independent information points and independent systems that cannot be integrated. "Isolated island" problems are generally typical "top-level" projects that have not been planned and established, and they do great harm to enterprises. We will find that these problems in the informatization process are indirectly or directly related to the lack of it planning

scientific methodology is needed to guide it planning, and systematic practical steps are also needed to achieve the planning goals. Based on the scientific consulting planning methodology, the designer uses polyurethane materials to make cactus sofa braces, puts forward a reasonable and scientific decomposition method for the whole process of it planning, and gives reference treatment methods and theories for many key elements of information planning

I. Development Trend of it planning consulting at home and abroad

1 When the friction coefficient of the supporting surface of Chinese enterprise informatization decreases by 20%, the analysis of the development status quo

the intensification of competition in the capital market, the impact of interconnection, and the issue of the guidance of the Ministry of industry and information technology on accelerating the development of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry issued by globalization have all made Chinese enterprises face severe tests in business development mode, market expansion, management and operation, technological innovation, human resource development, etc, Now it is a stage that must be changed. Only through innovation and change can we increase the competitiveness of enterprises. At this time, there is no doubt that informatization is needed as the key factor to promote enterprise management

information technology is the booster of enterprise development. Many enterprises hope that it technology can contribute an important force to the development of enterprises. In fact, it technology has become an important tool for enterprises to improve work efficiency and quality, shorten workflow and speed up information flow, which makes it possible for enterprises to create new business models. It is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

-- information technology enables enterprises to more clearly control their customer resources and straighten out enterprise customer relationship management

-- information technology enables enterprises to control their entire supply process, that is, to control the entire business process from raw material procurement to production, sales and capital return

-- information technology enables enterprises to use more convenient and fast ways to realize enterprise management. The rise of e-commerce technology is an outstanding representative in this regard

-- the development of information technology makes it possible to promote the innovative management mode of the company. For example, the integration of the main iron and steel industry of Baosteel Co., Ltd. benefits from the development of informatization, which makes the geographically dispersed members of the company integrated

-- information technology is an effective means for enterprises to reduce costs, increase the utilization of raw materials, shorten the delivery cycle of products, and monitor the implementation of contracts, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the differentiated costs of their operation and experiment methods and improving benefits. (end)

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