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Schneider microplc and twidoplc radiant heating system control

abstract the radiant heating system based on Schneider Small PLC control uses one master station (monitoring the whole system) and seven sub stations (monitoring each sub station) to realize the control of the system of C919, China's first self-developed domestic large aircraft, which successfully flew in Shanghai in may


micro PLC, Twido PLC, xbtg2110, xbtn400, MODBUS, unitelway

1. Overview

due to the cold weather in northern winter, the temperature in the processing workshops of many factories is extremely low, which seriously affects the working efficiency of workers and the quality of products, forming a strong contrast between the working efficiency and product quality in spring, summer, autumn and severe winter. According to the statistical records of product output and quality with such information in the market in four seasons every year, it is concluded that the efficiency in winter is only 65% - 75% of that in the other three quarters, The reason is the cold climate in the north, so the radiant heating system came into being. With the improvement of factory automation, PLC automatic control system has also been applied

2. System description

a total of 110 sets of gas-fired radiant heaters are used for heating in the whole plant, which are divided into 7 zones and 15 groups in total. Each zone is equipped with a regional control box, of which 6 control cabinets control 2 groups of heaters respectively, and 1 control cabinet controls 3 groups of heaters

1) process requirements of the control system

according to the actual situation on site, the centralized control box is required to realize: display the real-time working status of each group of heaters, work, heat preservation or shutdown; Display the real-time temperature of each group of heaters; Allow or prohibit the operation of each group of heaters, etc. The regional control box is required to realize the switching of three selection modes: thermal insulation, automatic and working. The temperature in the insulation mode is set to 5 ℃, the temperature in the working mode is set to 18 ℃, and the automatic mode operates according to the set time program. Display the real-time temperature of each group, and set the insulation temperature and working temperature respectively. The time setting can set the working period and insulation period of the heater according to the working time arrangement, so that the heater can automatically switch between the working mode and insulation mode according to the time setting

2) network topology of control system

3) specific solution of control system

(1) when micro series PLC and xbtg2110 series touch screen communicate in this system, the communication protocol selected is: unitelway protocol, which shortens the debugging process, because this protocol can communicate between ter port and aux port of PLC, monitor the status of PLC parameters on computer through ter port, and realize real-time communication between aux port and xbtg2110 series touch screen, which facilitates debugging

(micro series PLC communication parameter settings are as follows)

(xbtg2110 series touch screen is consistent with micro series PLC communication parameter settings, which is omitted here)

(2) how micro series PLC and Twido series PLC realize communication, It is realized through micro SCP 114 card and cm4030 communication cable (the communication parameters of micro series PLC SCP 114 card are set as follows)

(3) the communication parameters of Twido series PLC and text display xbtn400 are set as follows:

3 Summary

1) the advantages of this system

the control requirements of this system are not complex, but because the temperature parameter response is particularly slow and the lag is large, the classical theory of PWM temperature control is used to realize it In addition, some related communication settings and implementation are not easy, including the time-sharing control of communication instructions in the design stage, the nearly 1500m communication of eight control stations on site, and the use of Schneider's communication isolation box TSX pacc01 to realize long-distance communication and prevent signal interference and loss The above situation undoubtedly increases the difficulty of design

however, since all Schneider products are used in this control system, the advantages of Schneider's complete control scheme are particularly highlighted, so that the realization of the whole system has great advantages in terms of the consistency of control products, the compatibility of communication protocols, and the simplicity of design, development and later maintenance

2) actual benefits

the long-term on-site operation shows that the progressiveness of this control system and the flexibility after Li Xinhai became a shareholder of Yongxing new energy, as well as the accuracy of temperature control, fully meet the required control requirements, and also achieve the purpose of improving working conditions and efficiency After the operation of the dynamic control system of a German company engaged in manufacturing automotive sound-absorbing materials and seat materials purchased by the gas-fired radiant heater from Teijin, the monthly work efficiency of workers has been greatly improved, at least 50% higher than that of the same period last year The labor enthusiasm of workers has also been greatly improved

3) prospect forecast

due to the cold winter climate in the north, under the requirements of improving the production efficiency in winter and increasing the number of products throughout the year, and now it is more advocated to improve the working environment and treatment of workers, it is believed that there will be a certain market for this kind of gas radiant heating automatic control system in the north, and it is also believed that the advantages of Schneider's complete control scheme will be brought into full play

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