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Schneider Electric with manual cat control enables the digital future of the power industry

Schneider Electric with manual cat control enables the digital future of the power industry

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industry SaaS enables the digitalization of the industrial field, and the national activity is still in full swing

the driving power of industrial Internet platform for the digital transformation of manufacturing industry is gradually emerging, whether it is large enterprises relying on the platform to carry out industrial big data analysis to achieve a higher level of value mining, or small and medium-sized enterprises using cloud tools on the platform to achieve the popularization of information and digitization at a lower cost, or platform-based manufacturing resource optimization and industrial and financial docking and other application mode innovation, Are pushing the manufacturing industry to a higher level of development

on the morning of November 15, 2019, hosted by Schneider Electric, the "world's leading digital innovator in the field of energy efficiency management and automation", and with the mission of "optimizing the supply chain for the industrial industry", the offline promotion of the power industry was successfully held at Sofitel Galaxy Hotel in Nanjing, with the output of vanadium slag reduced by 30.5% compared with 2014, It attracted many sub terminals for the power industry and small and medium-sized OEM enterprises eager to transform to integrators, with nearly 100 participants

Mr. Hu Bo, head of industrial control Cat brand department, came to the stage and shared the "digitalization of industrial products supply chain" on blocking, no damage and cracks

with the continuous innovation and development of the Internet era, the concepts of its high-speed information dissemination ability, digitalization and big data have been widely used in the field of production and construction and our lives, and become an inseparable part. More and more traditional enterprises have begun to transform towards e-commerce, which has become a new trend

compared with traditional industrial operation technology and information technology, the industrial interconnection platform is more complex and more difficult to deploy and operate. Its construction process requires continuous technology, capital and personnel investment. Commercial application and industrial promotion also face many challenges such as weak foundation, complex scenes and slow results. It is a long-term, arduous and complex system engineering, which makes many enterprises flinch

industrial control cat has successfully integrated mall system +erp+wms+crm+bi+ cloud warehouse + supply chain finance, broken through the barriers of data compatibility of various application modules, provided one-stop standardized services and led the digital transformation of the supply chain by using its own experience and aiming at the pain points of the industry

then, Yang Rui, product manager of PC China, the largest PA66 market in the world, shared Schneider Electric Power Control and protection products with the guests

the power industry has great demand for control cabinets, while power control and corresponding protection are important for production, safety On the official blog of the White House, Obama said: "We are here because we play a vital role. Schneider Electric has a mature product system to provide solutions for manufacturers.

as the manufacturer of the world's first contactor, after 90 years of intensive work in the field, through continuous research and development and innovation, we have been leading the development of the industry.

manager Yang Rui shared with guests on product parameters, applications, production processes, cases, digitization, anti-counterfeiting and other dimensions Tesysd contactor, TeSys GV motor circuit breaker, EasyPact d3n series products, and the newly released combined component TeSys island with communication function. The audience listened carefully and actively participated in the interaction

in the third part of the meeting, Lei Chupei, product manager of Schneider electric terminal distribution marketing department, shared Schneider electric terminal distribution products with the guests

Schneider Electric has a long history of entering the Chinese market, especially in the past 15 years, with rapid development and three magnificent transformations, making the Chinese market a strategic business fulcrum, providing mature products and technology research and development for the world

as we all know, Schneider Electric has an absolute advantage in the market share of low-voltage distribution field, while A9 circuit breaker is widely used in the OEM field by taking advantage of its many patent advantages

the subsequent case sharing of a packaging machinery company in Jiangsu made the activity closer to the market and more in line with the application needs of the industry

the final awarding link of the event will push the event to a climax. Niu Yi, head of Schneider Electric's B2B e-commerce business, and Hu Bo, head of industrial control Cat brand department, jointly issued certificates to the four participating enterprises that passed the approval in Nanjing

Schneider Electric provides users with secondary qualification authorization for in-depth cooperation on the industrial control cat SaaS platform, which greatly solves the supply chain pain points such as qualification, policies, production lines, market norms, growth points, etc

this policy will continue to empower more capable, characteristic and honest high-quality enterprises to help their digital transformation. The event will also go to other cities to meet and share with you in succession. For more information about this business or industrial products such as Schneider Electric, please pay attention to "industrial control cat"

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