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Schneider provides "brain" for Jinan intelligent heating system

with real-time data of heat source plant, heat exchange station and high-temperature water, how to use such huge data to guide production and operation is a difficult problem. The Schneider electric thermal hydraulic dynamic simulation software termis introduced by Jinan thermal power has effectively solved this problem

recently, a symposium on heating industry and energy conservation and emission reduction jointly hosted by the French Development Agency and the Ministry of finance of China was held in Jinan, Shandong Province. The meeting discussed how to reduce the pollution and energy consumption caused by heating, how to optimize heating pipes, reduce carbon emissions, and improve the level of automatic management

building smart heating systems

Deng Bo, chief representative of the French Development Agency in China, said that it is of great significance for the French Development Agency and the Chinese Ministry of finance to jointly hold a seminar at the time of the Paris climate change conference. The huge potential of China's energy market requires not only the full cooperation between the two governments, but also more French institutions and enterprises to bring innovative technologies and solutions until the experiment is completed, so as to provide advice for Chinese cities to realize intelligent heating, energy conservation and emission reduction, and create a better living environment for Chinese residents with technologies and all-round solutions

at the same time, he also said that as an international non-profit organization, the French Development Agency has invested 25 projects in China in the past 10 years, with a total of 100million euros. At present, many projects have been completed, and the energy-saving effect is remarkable

Schneider Electric, which built an intelligent management platform for Jinan heating system, shared its experience in energy saving during the meeting. Zhao Kang, senior vice president of Schneider Electric China and head of the global solutions division, said: Schneider Electric has successfully built an intelligent management platform for urban heating pipes in Jinzhong and Taiyuan, Shanxi, and the Jinan project is about to operate. In the future, we look forward to working with more enterprises to promote energy management cooperation projects in the field of heating, with the most advanced energy efficiency management solutions to avoid dust entering the internal solution of fine parts, help China's energy industry achieve energy conservation, and make cities more livable and efficient in sustainable development

Yang Hujin, director of water industry and smart city industry of Schneider Electric's global solutions division, said that Schneider Electric has been rooted in China for many years. It not only makes efforts for the continuous progress of Chinese enterprises on the road of energy efficiency, but also participates in multi-party cooperation. With advanced energy efficiency management solutions and innovative technologies, it helps optimize and upgrade China's energy industry and realize the sustainable development of environment and economy. The intelligent integrated solution has been successfully implemented in Taiyuan and other places, and will be promoted in 10 to 15 cities in the next two years

environmental friendly heat exchange station put into operation

November was during the heating period. At the operation site of the first light chemical heat exchange station of Jinan Thermal Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jinan thermal power), China industry news saw that three staff were monitoring the equipment in front of a complete set of integrated digital heating command and scheduling system

it is understood that the first heat exchange station was officially built this summer and has just been put into operation this heating season. The primary function is to convert the high-temperature steam rate generated by the heat source plant into high-temperature water, and then transmit it to residents through the high-temperature water pipe that completes the conversion of steam to water. The heating capacity is 3million square meters. When using steam pipe, the heat loss rate along the way is about 20%; The use of high-temperature water pipes can be reduced to 1%, which greatly improves the heating quality of communities along the line and saves energy. Introduction to site staff

the staff member said that such an accurate and rapid monitoring of the operation of the heating system is due to the company's integrated digital heating command and scheduling system

it is understood that the system covers boiler combustion data, high-temperature water pipeline data, monitoring data of heat exchange stations, room temperature monitoring data of typical users, and covers 10 heat sources, 501 heat exchange stations and nearly 10000 typical users of Jinan thermal power. The production and operation of 30 boilers of Jinan thermal power are deployed synchronously, and the dispatcher controls the operation, transmission and distribution of 8 main high-temperature water pipelines in the heating area

since the system was put into operation, through remote monitoring, automatic regulation and other means, Jinan thermal scheduling has achieved intelligence and automation. The extensive regulation mode of manually adjusting valves according to experience is gone forever

through the real-time load chart, the operation management personnel can grasp the load of each boiler in real time and adjust it in real time according to the external demand. Through the monitoring equipment, you can not only see the data of the heat source plant, but also see the operating parameters of the heat exchange station. Jinan thermal power has 616 heat exchange stations under its jurisdiction. At present, 501 heat exchange stations have completed data uploading, and the operating parameters of all heat exchange stations driven by the same heat source can be called out at the same time, and their respective operating parameter curves can be drawn

equip the equipment with brain

with the real-time data of heat source plant, heat exchange station and high-temperature water, how to use such huge data to guide the production and operation is a difficult problem

mazengliang, chief architect of Schneider Electric district heating, said that Jinan thermal has effectively solved this problem by relying on the Schneider electric thermal hydraulic dynamic simulation software termis introduced by the French Development Agency project

Schneider electric thermal hydraulic dynamic simulation software termis is a leading hydraulic modeling tool for centralized energy management, which creates pipe hydraulic models based on GIS and pipe operation data. Through data acquisition and dynamic simulation, the operating conditions of the whole pipe are calculated

Jinan thermal power has always had the current situation of insufficient heat sources and difficult allocation of existing multi heat sources. External heat source Huangtai Power Plant sometimes has unstable heating. Dongxin thermal power plant, its own heat source, is the heat source with the largest heating capacity of the company and has a certain amount of surplus heating capacity. The two heat sources of Huangtai Power Plant and Dongxin thermal power plant are connected and complement each other, which has always been the demand of heating. Limited by the conditions at that time, it is impossible to know whether the two parallel connections can operate stably under the actual working conditions, and the joint work has not been implemented

since the introduction of thermal hydraulic dynamic simulation software, its hydraulic dynamic simulation function makes joint feasibility analysis possible. Through the software dynamic simulation of the working conditions after the joint operation, it is proved that the joint operation is feasible. The performing unit: Guohao Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. A staff member said that the Huangtai heat source tube involved 253 heat exchange stations; Dongxin thermoelectric heat source involves 85 heat exchange stations. If the heating capacity of Huangtai Power Plant suddenly decreases, most users will be affected. At this time, the load of Dongxin thermal power plant will be added to the heat

in addition, the HD video monitoring SCADA system responsible for on-site feedback can remotely and accurately adjust the valves of each heat exchange station. A new driving mechanism is proposed, which completely changes the previous regulation mode of opening and closing valves by experience and feeling. In this way, the thermal adjustment that used to take several days or even more to complete can now be completed in a few hours, which was completely unimaginable in the past

mazengliang also introduced that Schneider Electric solutions adopt the most advanced thermal simulation technology in the world, and all adopt Schneider Electric Automation and drive technology and products, which is an innovative application of comprehensive technology and concept of intelligent thermal operation scheduling management. By analyzing the data of thermal pressure, flow, temperature, pressure drop and thermal load, the diagnosis and analysis of thermal, thermal and hydraulic operation conditions are carried out to provide the basis for optimizing operation decision-making and improving design for heat, forming a complete thermal closed-loop control and scheduling from electromechanical equipment management to energy management

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