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Breakdown description of the operation steps of the NC cutting machine

due to the full computer automation operation of the NC cutting machine, there are many operation details that need to be paid attention to in the cutting process. Next, Wuhan Yide will breakdown the operation steps of the NC cutting machine in detail for the user's reference and comparison:

1. Close the switch in the power distribution cabinet

2. Open the power lock on the operation panel and press the power button to supply power to the CNC; Turn on the power supply of the dust collector and check whether the indicator light on the panel of the control box is normal

3. CNC conducts internal self diagnosis and confirms that no error message is displayed

4. Close the switch in the servo cabinet, press the servo on button on the operation panel to supply power to the servo system, turn the pulse knob on the control cabinet panel to the on position to recoil the filter cartridge, and check whether the pulse is normal

5. Test operation, confirm that all switches and buttons on the panel are flexible and reliable, and check whether the ash unloading plug valve is normal

6. Test run the machine and confirm that the machine operates smoothly and that all limit and emergency buttons are reliable

7. Powder spraying and scribing shall be carried out before cutting. Pay attention to the explosion of zinc powder and avoid flying; Wear a mask when operating at the same time

prepare dry, clean plates without large deformation

determine the single cutting moment, synchronous or symmetrical marking, and prepare the corresponding cutting moment by providing horsepower for electromechanical equipment

select the corresponding "trolley selection button" on the operation panel

select the appropriate cutting nozzle according to the width of the line to be drawn

bake the zinc powder in a 200 ℃ oven for 4 hours, and then put it into the zinc powder bucket after sieving with a 200 mesh metal powder sieve

turn on the preheating flame

adjust the flame to weak oxidation flame, that is, the length of flame core is shorter than that of flame core for cutting

turn on the powder oxygen supply and scribe oxygen, and adjust the switch until the cutting nozzle sprays uniform, thin and straight orange powder line

the "mode" key on the operation panel is selected as "scribing"; Call up the figure to be drawn; The same is the beginning of intensive cultivation; If the effect of a certain section is not ideal during scoring, you can press the "journey back" key to reverse the program. When the scoring point needs to be re executed, you can use gasoline to clean and adjust the compression screw and the upper limit plate of the toothed rod, and then press the "journey back" key to re scribe; After marking, turn off the powder oxygen supply, marking oxygen and preheating flame solenoid valves in sequence; Turn off the specific operation and judgment. You can contact our company to supply powder oxygen and scribe oxygen switches; Recycle the remaining zinc powder, put it in the drying box, and clean the zinc powder hopper

8. During plasma cutting, it should be noted that during automatic ignition, personnel should stay away from the ignition high-voltage coil

prepare the plates to be cut. The deformation of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum should be as small as possible, and the thickness should not exceed the allowable range of the cutting table

select the corresponding vulnerable parts according to the thickness of the plate; And put it into the corresponding cutting torch

determine single cutting torch, synchronous or symmetrical cutting

select the corresponding "trolley selection button" on the operation panel

press the plasma button on the operation panel to make its internal light on

perform pre flow and cutting flow tests according to the requirements of the cutting table, and adjust the pre flow and cutting flow

manually adjust the initial height of the cutting torch to the height required by the cutting table

set the arc voltage current according to the cutting table

manually set the cutting torch to the starting position; Select the cutting program on CNC and complete the work configuration: cutting speed, slotting compensation, etc; Press the "go" button to start cutting; Deal with different problems in cutting according to the operating instructions until the cutting is completed. (end)

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