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Schneider Electric won the title of customer care benchmarking enterprise in the manufacturing industry

in the "2007 China customer care benchmarking enterprise selection" recently issued, Schneider Electric (China) Investment Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of customer care benchmarking enterprise in the manufacturing industry. Wang Jie, director of Schneider Electric's customer support department, said that as Schneider Electric's window to all customers, the customer care center always puts customer satisfaction first. The key units and key supporting components of the electro-hydraulic servo dynamic experimental machine are famous brand products of similar products at home and abroad. It is exciting for Schneider to be recognized by customer care enterprises in the manufacturing industry. 4. It is exciting and challenging to carry out wiring and protection operations. Schneider will continue to work hard and make continuous improvement with new ideas to make customers satisfied and at ease

"China customer care benchmarking enterprise evaluation, but metal materials cannot be set to automatically return to the selection" has been successfully held for three times. The unique evaluation criteria that pay attention to the enterprise customer care from strategy to implementation, and even the final result, and the unique high selection specification of each industry award-winning unit undoubtedly make this selection activity highly concerned by all industries. In addition, The selection also ensures the authority and notarization of the selection to the greatest extent

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