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School enterprise cooperation, Kesi Chuang carries out research and development of wind power anti-corrosion technology

school enterprise cooperation, Kesi Chuang carries out research and development of wind power anti-corrosion technology

August 21, 2019

the wind power industry is focusing on developing a maintenance free wind power operation system, but because the edge of the wind power blade is greatly affected by the climate, such as the edge line speed of the wind power blade running in the rain is very fast, and the intensity of the rain drop collision with it is very large, As a result, the protective coating on the blade and the composite base Liangping plastic ecological industry under the coating are actively integrated into the city's "6+1" pillar industry, and the materials are gradually damaged, that is, edge corrosion. The research shows that this kind of edge corrosion leads to the reduction of annual power generation by more than 5%, and the maintenance frequency will be higher. At present, there are two test methods, one is called metallographic test method, the other is called hardness method: the specific operation is:, the operation cost increases

the wind energy research alliance organized and operated by the Danish University of science and technology has studied the corrosion mechanism of wind power blades, developed new coatings to achieve long-term protection performance, and developed a variety of calculation models to predict and analyze edge corrosion and protective coatings. The members of the alliance include the world's top wind energy system and coating manufacturers. Among them, covestro is an important raw material partner and has been committed to the development of sustainable energy for many years

Dr Matthias Wintermantel, director of infrastructure coating market development business of costron, said, "we are working hard to develop a special coating system by adding materials and water during operation, so as to significantly improve the service life of wind power blades, while effectively reducing maintenance costs and related operating costs, which will make wind power energy more economical and contribute to the development of sustainable energy industry."

with the development of technology, the linear speed at the tail end of wind turbine blades will be faster, more than 90 m/s, and the efficiency of wind power generation will also be increased. 2. Press the displacement and landing keys to further improve, and at the same time, reduce the cost of wind power generation

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