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Sterile liquid packaging - decoding

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core tip: uflex is India's largest flexible packaging company and an emerging global leader. Since its establishment in 1983, it has become a multi billion company focusing on trust, creating value for customers, innovation, value-added differentiation and customer satisfaction

[China Packaging News] uflex is the largest flexible packaging company in India and an emerging global leader. Since its establishment in 1983, it has become a multi billion company focusing on trust, creating value for customers, innovation, value-added differentiation and customer satisfaction

uflex enjoys an unimpeded speed on a global scale, making it a true multinational company. The headquarters is located in Noida (NCR, New Delhi), which accounts for about 20% of the needle pulp from the United States. It has production facilities in India, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Poland, Egypt and advanced countries in the United States. As a one-stop flexible packaging solution supplier, uflex cuts across different departments in the United States, Canada, South America, Britain, Europe, Russia, CIS countries, South Africa and other African countries, the Middle East and South Asia

the company has identified sana'nde industrial zone as a new strategic location for packaging its expansion in Gujarat. In sanande, we are in the process of setting up a rubber fatigue testing machine in a sterile packaging plant for packaging liquid products

the plant is in the early stage of capital expenditure (US $85.55 million) with INR 58 billion. The plant will be environmentally friendly and zero emissions. The production capacity of the sterile liquid packaging plant will be 7billion pakish, and the plant proposed by SEBS in 2016 due to its thermoplastic properties will be put into operation. It will be equipped with the latest equipment from world-class suppliers, with world-class sterile packaging

aseptic packaging:

about aseptic packaging: aseptic packaging is a means to ensure that food is still sterile and free of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms at room temperature for 8 months. The particularity of this packaging material is that the products packed in this packaging do not need to be stored in the refrigerator

Market: India's aseptic packaging market is mainly divided into three segments, namely fruit juice, dairy products and wine. Aseptic packaging materials for flavored milk, dairy products and alcohol will play a key role in promoting the development of aseptic packaging in India and the world in the next few years

technical background: sterile poly ethylene package is combined with cardboard and aluminum foil. The multi-layer structure can protect the contents of cartons from various factors responsible for corruption

- the aluminum foil layer is a strong barrier to O2 and light

- the inner plastic layer made of polyethylene makes it possible to seal the liquid

- the paper layer provides rigidity, which makes it possible to assume a brick shape for the carton, so as to maximize the use of available storage and transportation space

process: printing, cardboard indentation and stamping, completed on the printing machine. This is followed by the lamination of cardboard on the extruder with aluminum film and different types of polyethylene

the roll of the laminator is converted into a roll with a smaller width. Based on the process of BP VCC experimental device, the device has undergone more than 100 technical modifications, i.e. 200 ml, 100 ml, 1000 ml, etc.

the finished roll is sent to the filling line on these rolls and the required products (fruit juice, milk, wine) are run and filled to the customers of the package

uflex usp

- the only comprehensive flexible packaging company capable of producing end-to-end solutions, including polyester chips; BOPP, BOPET, CPP and metallized films; Flexible packaging laminate (roll), prefabricated bags, Flexi tubes and large bags; Flexible packaging conversion machine and packaging machine; Printing cylinder, flexographic polymer plate, synthetic rubber sleeve; Anti counterfeiting and brand protection solutions to prevent those with similar appearance from cannibalizing our customers' brand assets; Chemicals (inks and adhesives, coatings and polyols)

- has a strong customer base in the flexible packaging market (global) established presence

- the excellent function of creating value through research and innovation of a very strong engineering team adds differentiation

- the first local supplier in India, such as Tetra Pak

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