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Schneider Electric's new industrial IOT solution helps industrial enterprises control real-time profitability

ecostruxure profit advisor higher and higher temperatures and pressures and more corrosive media are constantly testing the corrosion resistance of pipes. Sor can measure and control the real-time profit performance of all factory assets and asset collections

apply big data analysis and patent real-time accounting model to identify potential profitability improvement space

transform control and automation systems into industrial profit engines

Beijing, China. On February 13, 2017, Schneider Electric, an expert in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation, launched a new industrial IOT solution, enabling its industrial customers to measure and control operational profitability in real time

through joint development with seeq, an industry-leading data-driven decision-making software and service provider, ecostruxure profit advisor uses big data analysis to measure the financial performance of industrial operations in real time, covering the level of plant equipment assets to the level of process units, regions, plants and enterprises. Whether in preset or cloud environment, it can work seamlessly in any process history database to mine historical and real-time data. It will then process the data through Schneider Electric's proprietary industry segmentation accounting algorithm to determine real-time operational profitability and potential space savings

Craig Resnick, vice president of arc Consulting Group, said: Although the automation market currently has all new technologies and functions, many industrial operations are still in a suboptimal position because they can also generate potential business value. Optimizing business value in industrial operations requires scalable and open solutions to help users make full use of industrial assets. This requires shortening the utilization time from the smallest mechanical and electrical assets to supply chain and enterprise assets. This method can fundamentally shift the industry from monitoring business value to actually controlling it. This will include controlling business functions, such as scheduling and planning, which are still purely transactional until now. This ability to actually control commercial value in industrial operation is a real breakthrough, which will have a direct positive impact on the company's profits

real time control of business variables

Xu Zhe, general manager of Schneider Electric China software business, said: Although many companies are really good at real-time control of their operational efficiency, they are still managing their business day after day. Now this is no longer effective. Today's business variables change so fast that even when they receive updates from any enterprise resource planning system they use, the information is no longer related to the business decisions they need to make or should make. If we want to change this situation, we need to control other real-time business variables, including their security, reliability, especially the profitability of operations. Ecostruxure profit advisor can meet their needs

since the current cost accounting system only measures the financial performance of the factory operation at the overall level of the factory, the company is very 1. The friction coefficient provides an inexhaustible driving force for the development of enterprises. It is difficult to really understand the impact of their financial and operational changes on business performance, whether positive or negative. To meet this demand, ecostruxure profit advisor enables factory personnel to view and understand in real time the return on investment and business value of their behaviors, activities and assets that contribute to the business. It enables employees to make better business decisions through various data analysis (supporting multiple formats of display), so as to safely improve and improve operational profitability

provide value oriented industrial IOT through ubiquitous innovation

Xu Zhe, general manager of software business in China of Schneider Electric, said: our customers are trying to solve many problems, including the pure speed of business development and how to manage and use emerging technologies to obtain due advantages. Everyone wants to talk about these new technologies without paying attention to what value they can provide. From our perspective, the digital trend of the industry is a real opportunity for our customers. We improve the industrial IOT through value orientation, and use Schneider Electric's ubiquitous innovation ability to help customers control their productivity and profitability in real time. This is the only reason why we started discussing the industrial IOT

profit advisor cascades the real-time accounting model onto the seeq workbench, making it a scalable, repeatable and easy to implement solution suitable for multiple market segments, enabling customers to measure and control their profitability. Because it can be integrated with Schneider Electric Simulation and modeling software in the digital dual environment, users can still predict profitability under different conditions or when operations change. The software can provide:

1 Review of historical data: profit advisor can evaluate the historical performance of the factory, so as to estimate its operational profitability, help factory personnel analyze and understand the operation performance under different conditions, and enable employees to find ways to really improve performance. And because it can be bound to a single device, it can even provide asset information of the smallest unit in operation

2. Real time performance indication: profit advisor can indicate the current performance and inform the factory personnel when making operational decisions, so that the business can generate more profits. The actual return on investment and improvement will be visible, which will enable plant personnel to concentrate and make their efforts more effective, so as to obtain the maximum economic return. It also enables plant personnel to determine what limits operational profitability and accurately assess the actual business value that their decisions may create

3. Profit planning: profit advisor enables process engineers to predict the changes in profitability brought about by their proposals, which will greatly reduce project risks and help eliminate waste

optimizing assets: the key to industrial profit engine

Xu zhe said: profit advisor is the product of the natural evolution of the vision we put forward a few years ago. When we began to apply real-time accounting patent models and help our customers measure the financial performance of their businesses, we have carefully shown that these models can increase production value by at least 3% and reduce energy and material costs by at least 5%. Such improvements will increase the profitability of the process plant by more than $12million per year

profit advisor once again shows how Schneider Electric can provide customers with value oriented industrial IOT solutions to help customers improve and improve business results in real time, from their equipment assets to the enterprise value chain. Our method will help transform their process control and automation systems into industrial profit engines

for more information about the Xure platform with annual sales of profit advisor and Schneider Electric ecostru of $30million, please click here to visit the relevant pages

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