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School enterprise cooperation Zoomlion cultivates after-sales service "Qianlima" in Hunan

school enterprise cooperation Zoomlion cultivates after-sales service "Qianlima" in Hunan

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on the afternoon of June 17, Zoomlion, a leading enterprise of China's construction machinery, signed a cooperation agreement with Hunan Industrial Vocational and technical college to form a strategic partnership for talent training, The contending parties of the dual material system will jointly cultivate after-sales service talents in the form of joint education, so as to cultivate and cultivate a high-quality after-sales service team for Zoomlion. Industry insiders pointed out that Zoomlion and Hunan Polytechnic Institute of industry jointly carried out new measures for market after-sales service talents, putting the training of market terminal service talents on the important agenda

it is understood that Zoomlion, as a new high-tech listed company in Hunan, has developed rapidly in recent years, and the contradiction between talent demand and supply is prominent, especially in the after-sales service talents used to firmly fix samples for precise test field terminals in the city. The enterprise has been exploring talent supply mechanisms other than talent introduction and internal training. At present, China's construction machinery enterprises represented by Zoomlion, including international construction machinery giants, have launched brutal competition in the market competition for the lack of clear provisions on the validity of certificates. The technical talents at the front end of the market have been consolidated in many large and medium-sized enterprises, but the service-oriented talents at the terminal are relatively scarce, and the lack of after-sales service talents has become a "bottleneck" that hinders development

in order to fundamentally solve this problem, it is imperative to establish a good and efficient talent training and supply mechanism. This time, Zoomlion chose to cooperate with Hunan Institute of industry and technology based on the hope that through this cooperation, it hopes to achieve qualitative improvement in China and international market development and services in the future. In this cooperation, Zoomlion will set up two "Zoomlion classes" of construction machinery and engineering machinery in Hunan Polytechnic Institute of industry for the first time. For next year's graduates, the number of sample holding institutions and other components will be controlled at about 100. These "Zhonglian class students" are expected to take up their jobs next year

long Guojian, vice chairman of Hunan CPPCC and director of Zoomlion, pointed out at the signing ceremony that enterprises and schools can cooperate in running schools, schools can cultivate talents according to market needs, enterprises can obtain excellent talents suitable for enterprises, and students can work from zero distance. In other words, schools, enterprises and students can achieve "tripartite win-win"

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