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In the past five years, Zhejiang textile and clothing vocational and technical college, guided by Deng Xiaoping theory, the important thought of "Three Represents" and the spirit of the 17th CPC National Congress, has fully implemented the "decision of the State Council on vigorously developing vocational education", "several opinions on deepening the reform of higher vocational education guided by employment" and other documents as well as the spirit of provincial and municipal education work conferences, Give full play to their own scale advantages, professional advantages, talent advantages and resource advantages, take "based on industry, serving the whole province, school enterprise linkage, characteristic development" as the school running philosophy, adhere to the development strategy suitable for economic and social development, take the renewal of educational ideas as the guide, strengthen professional construction as the leader, deepen teaching reform, strengthen teaching management, be determined to innovate, and actively build a service-oriented higher vocational education system, It has achieved leapfrog development and provided talent guarantee for the development of regional textile and garment industry

during the five-year period, the college adhered to the school enterprise cooperation and the combination of work and study, increased the innovation of talent training mode, and worked hard to build a talent training mechanism that is fully integrated with the textile and clothing industry, gradually forming the characteristics of the talent training mode of "three leads, three combinations, and three synchronization". Ensure the quality of talent training in the whole process, and realize the goal of cultivating high-quality skilled talents with specialties, employment advantages, entrepreneurial ability, foundation and development space; And through the construction of campus culture with the spirit of the red gang as the core, vigorously promote the four cultural carriers of "integrity culture, skill culture, beauty culture, and innovation culture", and gradually improve the educational level of the college. In 2007, the college won the chairmanship of the construction of Ningbo Textile and clothing applied talent training base. In 2007, the college passed the evaluation of talent training level of Higher Vocational Colleges of the Ministry of education with excellent results. In 2008, the college was awarded the "Education Service Economic Contribution Award" by the Ningbo municipal government and the "continuous improvement Award for education to promote it to control five factors" by the Organizing Committee of Ningbo International Garment Festival. In 2009, the college was listed as the construction unit of Zhejiang Demonstration Higher Vocational and technical college. In 2010, the college successfully passed the mid-term inspection of provincial demonstration construction and the talent training evaluation of Higher Vocational Colleges organized by the Provincial Department of education

in terms of professional construction, the college has established a characteristic professional pattern of "one body and two wings" with textile and clothing art as the main body, encouraging the expansion of the field of utilization of new magnetic composites, and economic and trade management and electromechanical information as the two wings, comprehensively covering and serving the textile and clothing industry chain. In order to make the specialty setting in-depth docking with the industrial chain, the college hired representatives of relevant government departments, enterprise industry representatives, and higher vocational education experts, established a specialty construction expert committee, and made scientific fine adjustments to the established specialty system, such as reducing, increasing, scoring, and transferring, so as to make the focus of specialty construction more prominent. Through the construction of key majors, a number of College Brand majors and characteristic majors have been created. At present, there are 3 provincial-level key majors, 8 provincial-level characteristic majors, 4 provincial-level demonstration majors, 3 Ningbo municipal key majors, 1 Ningbo service-oriented key professional group, and 23 college level key majors, trial reform majors and College demonstration majors

in terms of teaching achievements, the college continues to improve the connotation of accelerating the construction of transportation channels, and is committed to building high-quality people in the textile and clothing industry. At present, Shandong Sida high tech machinery equipment Co., Ltd. has 4 national quality courses, which are specialized in producing: tensile test machine doors, 13 provincial quality courses and 53 academy quality courses; 67 ministry level planning textbooks, 27 provincial-level key construction textbooks and 6 municipal characteristic textbooks have been built during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" and "Twelfth Five Year Plan"; Nine new century higher education teaching reform projects in Zhejiang Province have been successfully approved; It has won 2 first prizes, 4 second prizes and 2 third prizes of the teaching achievement award of China Textile Industry Association (national level), 2 second prizes of the provincial teaching achievement award, 2 first prizes, 6 second prizes and 5 third prizes of the municipal teaching achievement award

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