Decoration of Xinsong robot project in plant 12 of

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Pre publicity of the bid winning results of the decoration design of the plants 1 #, 2 # in the Precision Machinery Industrial Park (Xinsong robot project)

pre publicity of the bid winning results of Wuxi engineering construction project

according to the relevant laws, regulations and rules of the project bidding and the provisions of the project bidding documents, the development general company of Xishan Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, communicates with the Precision Machinery Industrial Park 1 # 2. The bid evaluation of the decoration design of the plant (Xinsong robot project) has been completed, and the bid winner has been determined. At present, graphene is usually not used for the reinforcement of aluminum or steel. The bid winning results will be pre announced as follows:

bid winner: Wuxi urban architectural design Co., Ltd. the scope of bid winning: 1 #, 2 in order to ensure the measurement results of the experimental machine # room decoration and fire protection design, including scheme design, construction drawing design, construction cooperation solutions: do a good job of inspection and other related services before the zigzag experimental machine, and it is necessary to meet the requirements of fire protection construction application and drawing review. Bid winning price: 229800 yuan bid winning quality standard: meet the design depth requirements of the corresponding stage construction period: 20 calendar days project leader: Xu Qiang

within three days from the date of publication of the bid winning result, if there is no objection to the bid winning result, the tenderee will issue the bid winning notice

tenderee: Jiangsu Xishan Economic Development Zone Development Corporation

bidding agent: Wuxi Zhongjia Engineering Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

time: March 20, 2019

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