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On January 29, 2018, 118 deputies to the 13th National People's Congress were elected at the first meeting of the 13th people's Congress of Hunan Province, and Liu Feixiang, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board of directors of the 13th National People's Congress, was elected. This is not only a full affirmation of Liu Feixiang's excellent enterprise management ability, but also a high praise for China railway construction heavy industry's 10-year honing and leading the development of the industry

As one of the pioneers of China's shield industry, Liu Feixiang led China railway construction heavy industry to win dignity for "made in China", always aiming at the goal of "domestic leading and world-class", and rapidly rising and growing with the positioning of non-standard, special, personalized and customized high-end underground equipment products, The industrial pattern of high-end underground engineering equipment and track equipment has been greatly changed

in the past 10 years, China railway construction heavy industry has achieved good results and received numerous awards from the industry. As the founder of this "manufacturing legend", Liu Feixiang led railway construction heavy industry to become the world's leading provider of integrated solutions for intelligent equipment and high-end track equipment for tunnel construction from scratch through 10 years of innovative development. "Roadheader, special equipment, track system, large road maintenance machinery, new rail transit equipment, high-end agricultural machinery" and "4+2 industrial sector" go hand in hand, with the world's first set and the domestic first set. 3. Sensor accuracy grade: 0.02%; Continuously offline, more than a dozen manufacturing bases are said to complement each other, overseas business sites are scattered, and more than 100 products can be called construction tools. Railway construction heavy industry is committed to becoming a high-end underground equipment manufacturing enterprise with "the largest floor area, the most complete product categories, and the strongest production capacity" in the world

innovation is the soul of enterprise development and the source of power for development. The 10 years of railway construction heavy industry is the 10 years of continuous innovation. Focusing on the three institutional reforms of state-owned enterprises and the construction of the innovation system of state-owned enterprises, Liu Feixiang stimulated the innovation vitality with mechanism reform, and promoted the development of enterprises with scientific and technological innovation, so that CRCC heavy industry went further and further on the thorny and climbing path of scientific research, realizing that the enterprise maintained a compound annual growth rate of more than 30% for ten consecutive years, and created an industry miracle of researching and developing a new achievement every day

at the same time, under the leadership of Liu Feixiang, China railway construction heavy industry has created an "eight in one" innovation platform for national enterprise technology center, national railway large-scale road maintenance machinery engineering technology research center, post doctoral scientific research workstation, academician expert workstation, underground tunneling equipment engineering technology research center, underwater tunnel technology engineering laboratory, industrial design center and tunnel construction mechanization technology innovation cloud platform, He presided over and participated in 12 national science and technology plans, undertook 288 water fire extinguishing systems, undertook 52 provincial and ministerial science and technology plans, presided over 5 national standards and industry standards, and won the China Patent Award for four consecutive sessions. He ranked 34th among the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers in 2017, and 5th among the top 10 Chinese construction machinery manufacturers, ranking a new high

in the face of a new round of scientific and technological revolution, Liu Feixiang injected digital development genes into railway construction heavy industry. By focusing on the customer value chain and product life chain, comprehensively accelerating the construction of "digitalization of R & D and design, intellectualization of products, intellectualization of production, intellectualization of services and intellectualization of management", we are committed to promoting the deep integration and development of "made in China" and interconnection, and promoting the intelligent upgrading of "made in China", Improve the level of China's equipment manufacturing industry and the core of major equipment, so as to ensure the good performance and use effect competitiveness of the machine

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