Liugong firefighters don't mess up to help rescue

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On January 15, at 18 p.m., Wu Zaibao, the safety director of the manufacturing department of Liuzhou Liugong excavator company, was on his way home and found that smoke billowed in a leisure farm in tunlei village, taiyangcun Town, West Outer Ring Road, and flames sprang out from time to time. With professional sensitivity, he realized that there was a fire. After pulling over in an emergency, he dialed 119 fire alarm: "a fire broke out in a leisure farm on the road section from the West outer ring road to Hexi Industrial Park, about 3 kilometers away from Labao town. Thick smoke billowed at the scene. It was a wooden building, a leisure farm, that caught fire."

as an enterprise firefighter who has been engaged in enterprise safety management for more than 7 years and holds a certificate, Wu Zaibao is very familiar with the process of dealing with fires, in which he described in detail the location of fires and the possible dangers on the scene. About 15 minutes later, two fire engines rushed to the scene to carry out fire fighting and rescue, and then five more fire engines came to reinforce

for ordinary people, even if they help to call the police in case of fire, they can basically "leave after finishing". However, Wu Zaibao did not leave the scene after calling the police. Within 15 minutes of waiting for the firefighters to arrive, he and another colleague of the Safety Technology Department of the company were on the scene to learn about the situation from the masses, and at the same time, he carried out personnel organization, vehicle evacuation, fire area isolation and other work

at this time, a dangerous scene happened. The farm owner saw the fire spreading on the second floor and wanted to drive out the tricycle on the first floor. Seeing this, Wu Zaibao immediately stopped and said, "don't get close to the fire. Don't you see that the burned wood upstairs keeps falling down? It's very dangerous. Money is external, and life is the most important!" After his repeated dissuasion, the farm owner stopped moving forward

because it was dinner time, many people gathered in the leisure farm to have dinner. Although everyone ran out of the fire, they didn't go far away and watched. Wu Zaibao became the temporary commander at the scene: "please get out of the way and let the fire truck in. Smelling this kind of smell will only aggravate carsickness. Don't get too close, lest the explosive things inside fly out and hurt everyone." The crowd moved at the sound, and soon, the narrow and winding country road crowded with vehicles and pedestrians was dredged, which opened the rescue channel for firefighters to fight the fire, and played an important role in the gradual maturity of the collection of single chip microcomputer and mechanical automation. After dealing with these, he rushed to the intersection to pick up the police. When the fire truck arrived at the intersection, he, as a "pioneer", shouted anxiously, "drive this way, this way. Just now you heard the explosion in the fire, you should pay attention to your safety." It was very smooth and quickly led the fire truck to the fire site. At this time, he took on the role of traffic assistant, commanded pedestrians and vehicles, and helped pull up the warning belt to reduce the impact of pedestrians and vehicles on firefighters' fire fighting

the cause of the fire was a wooden three storey building on the farm. After preliminary judgment, it may be an electrical short circuit on the third floor. The fire broke out from an employee dormitory on the third floor. Due to the wooden structure, the fire spread faster than the fire extinguishing speed, which was difficult to control. An hour later, the building was swallowed by the fire and became ruins in the thick smoke and flames

After the event, Wu Zaibao sighed, "everything is fragile in front of the fire, and firefighters sometimes can't recover their losses." For a long hour, looking at the world of smoke and fire and the sad eyes of the farm owner, his mood was difficult to calm down. He said that when he reported the fire, he only did a little bit of duty. "Although many fire drills have been organized in the company by changing the monomer composition and different monomers in the high molecular chain, this is the first time I have encountered and participated in such a large fire rescue work. If it happens next time, I will not hesitate to help." He also warned everyone to establish fire safety awareness and cherish life

huangrongguo, head of the safety department of Liuzhou Liugong excavator company, introduced that in 2014, Wu Zaibao planned and compiled the key work arrangement of production safety, and completed 576 rectification items. The rectification rate of hidden dangers of the company throughout the year was 99.1%. At the same time, he also promoted the implementation and implementation of personal safety action plans by managers at all levels of Liuzhou Liugong excavator company. Because of his excellent work, he was recommended as "excellent grass-roots supervisor" by Liuzhou excavator company

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