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Liuchengqiang of Shifeng group: continue to improve the gold content of China's high-end agricultural machinery brands

for the domestic agricultural machinery industry, 2017 is enough to make the heads of leading enterprises in the industry frown. The reduction of subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery, the market overdraft caused by clearing inventory before the implementation of the third national emission policy, and the weak grain prices have reduced the willingness of growers to invest. In addition, the long-term flood irrigation of homogeneous products has turned the market demand to more personalized choices under the increasingly rational purchase psychology. It should be said that the internal demand structure adjustment of agricultural machinery market will be the mainstream trend in the future

however, as a large country with a large population and agriculture, it is of strategic significance for China to realize agricultural modernization. The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed that "we must always take solving the problems of agriculture, rural areas and farmers as the top priority of the work of the whole party" and "implement the strategy of Rural Revitalization". It can be predicted that agricultural equipment will be of great use in the comprehensive upgrading of China's agriculture in the future

in 2017, Shifeng was rated as the first of the "top ten brands in China's agricultural machinery industry"; Shifeng group, Tsingtao beer, China commercial aircraft and other enterprises were rated as "light of quality" annual quality benchmarking enterprises by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of China. So, how will Shifeng group respond to the complex market? Recently, I interviewed Liu Chengqiang, chairman of Shifeng group

: at present, the agricultural machinery industry is experiencing the pain of structural adjustment. The change of market demand, the scarcity of high-end agricultural equipment, and the lack of effective supply capacity of equipment in subdivisions have made many small and medium-sized agricultural machinery enterprises lose in the intensifying competition. Even some large-scale enterprises are deeply anxious in the face of such market conditions. So, what will be the situation of the agricultural machinery market in 2018

Liu Chengqiang: the interweaving of contradictions is indeed the objective reality of the current agricultural machinery industry. But the market will not be wrong, and demand will always exist. Today's market and policy orientation tell us that the era of opportunism and following tactics has come to an end. Similarly, in order to realize the mission of China's agricultural modernization, it is impossible to leave the company of China's agricultural equipment. The competition in the future will tend to be the competition among brand strength, manufacturing capacity, R & D level and business model. Truly powerful enterprises will dominate the future market. In this sense, it may be appropriate to define 2018 as the "elimination year" of the agricultural machinery industry

: how does Shifeng group judge the current development trend of agricultural machinery market

Liu Chengqiang: large scale is the development direction, and small and medium-sized enterprises are the mainstream of the market. At present, the scale of global agricultural production continues to expand. In order to improve land productivity, improve labor efficiency, reduce costs and improve efficiency, agricultural machinery is required to develop towards large-scale. At present, in many areas of China, subsoiling and land preparation are required to reach 35 ~ 40 cm, which is an impossible task for small and medium-sized machinery, as shown in Table 4. However, in the subdivisions of cash crops, characteristic agriculture, characteristic breeding and other fields, as well as the hilly areas where film development accounts for more than 40% of the total plastic packaging materials, a large number of small and medium-sized agricultural machinery are needed to provide relevant services

: observing the large-scale enterprises in the current industry, it is easy to find that the layout overlap and structural homogeneity are extremely serious, and the new kinetic energy and new elements that can reflect the demands of improving quality and efficiency still need a relatively long cultivation process. Then, how should Shifeng group, as an industry leader, work next

Liu Chengqiang: as we all know, Shifeng group has laid a solid foundation for development by relying on the advantages of traditional products such as three wheeled vehicles, single cylinder engines, small four-wheel tractors and so on, which have been the first in the industry for many years. The high proportion of traditional products makes the current transformation of enterprises face severe challenges. But no matter how big the difficulty is, it still needs to turn

as a county enterprise, Shifeng group will not easily change its development orientation of serving "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" and serving the travel of people in the urban-rural fringe. And continuously building and strengthening the advantages of "high-end intelligent manufacturing platform, whole process quality control, nationwide marketing service and supporting resource system", improving the competitiveness of the whole industry chain in the manufacturing process, and then forming modern agricultural equipment products with "high precision, high quality and high cost performance" will become the focus of Shifeng group for a long time

in terms of the construction of manufacturing platform, in 2017, Shifeng Group invested and built the German kW automatic casting line, equipped with French 100t/h sand treatment system and American medium frequency coreless induction furnace. The overall process and equipment level has reached the world advanced level. The commissioning of the project provides a strong equipment guarantee for the development of Shifeng agricultural equipment industry

since the production of medium and large tractors, Shifeng group has successively introduced more than 20 laser cutting machines to meet the production needs of various varieties and small batches of parts, which has improved the efficiency of product development and ensured the processing accuracy of parts; In order to solve the constraints of unqualified outsourcing quality and untimely supply of large parts and components of high-power tractors, an investment of 50million yuan was invested to introduce eight large-scale NC machining centers in Doosan, South Korea, and to build an automatic flexible processing line for agricultural equipment, so that the main parts and components such as the axle shells of high-power segment Series tractors were self-made, ensuring the stability of the quality of key parts. The new automatic coating production line is equipped with coating manipulator, which effectively improves the comprehensive quality of products. Up to now, Shifeng group has introduced a total of 1000 robots and 3500 high-end intelligent equipment such as CNC drilling centers and CNC machining centers, which has greatly improved the accuracy of various parts of agricultural products. With the introduction of high-end equipment, the self-made rate of parts and components of medium and large tractors has reached more than 80%

in terms of quality management, Shifeng has carried out the construction of quality management mechanisms such as "defect elimination", "error correction" and "large quality system". Defect elimination "refers to the internal inspection of quality weaknesses, grasping the offline qualification rate, and ensuring the quality of ex factory products; "Error correction" refers to continuous structural improvement based on market feedback to ensure the continuous improvement of product quality

in addition, we ensure the high quality of our products through full line inspection. The tractor rear axle assembly line is equipped with speed change, lifting test bench, no-load and load running in test bench. The tractor inspection line has PTO test bench, vehicle no-load, load running in test bench, hydraulic lifting cycle test bench and headlamp test bench. We have a complete machine test field that simulates various working conditions. After being towed off the line, Zhongda will test one by one, road test and operation test to ensure the dynamic performance of products

it can be said that through continuous efforts, the quality of Shifeng agricultural equipment has been greatly improved, the industrial series has been improved, and the cost performance advantage has been continuously strengthened

: how is the cost performance advantage of Shifeng agricultural equipment reflected in the international market

Liu Chengqiang: in 2017, the export of small trailers from Shifeng group to Pakistan and Ukraine increased significantly; In Egypt, we actively develop economic models, mainly 35~50 HP tractors, so that Shifeng tractors maintain the first share in the Egyptian market; In Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia and other markets, the sales volume of Shifeng medium and large tractors has maintained a stable growth, with a total of 3000 medium and large tractors exported

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