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Beijing Daxing International Airport, Liugong crane is coming

Beijing Daxing International Airport, Liugong crane is coming

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some time ago, several Liugong cranes appeared at Beijing Daxing International Airport. Facing the blue sky, they raised bright yellow arms and were busy nervously and steadily. One of them, Liugong tc750c5 truck crane, which was still wearing safflower logic analyzer and voltage/current probe, attracted people's attention

it is understood that the Beijing Daxing International Airport project has invested 79.98 billion yuan and plans to build seven runways after the completion of all the projects, meeting the annual passenger throughput demand of 100million people. Upon completion, it will become the world's largest airport, surpassing Dubai World Center in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and Istanbul's Third International Airport in Turkey. Its construction is not only to meet the needs of Beijing aviation business growth, but also an important step in the development of "Beijing Tianjin Hebei integration" under the background of the times

since the commencement of Daxing airport construction project, extremely rigorous bidding has been carried out for the entry equipment. After several selections, the maximum number of experimental channels of the system is 10. Finally, Liugong crane was selected to participate in the construction

because the pile foundation hoisting has high requirements for the accuracy of the crane, although everyone present had long expected the strong performance of Liugong crane, it is inevitable to be a little uneasy. I saw Liugong tc750c5 under the clear sky, gently lifted the pile foundation and placed it in the designated position without error, and the wonderful play deeply convinced everyone. Cheers seethed throughout the construction site, and the construction party couldn't stop praising it

(tc750c5 for pile foundation hoisting)

Liugong tc750c5 has a super long 48m main boom and 17.5m auxiliary boom, which is suitable for a variety of working conditions. At present, there is no pressure on the bridge formwork hoisting, pile foundation hoisting, heat source engineering and other work being carried out. In addition, equipped with valve back compensation technology, imported hydraulic pump and winch variable motor, the composite action is extremely smooth

according to boss Yan, the owner of the equipment, Beijing Daxing International Airport will be fully completed in June this year. The day is approaching, and the construction period is very tight. I originally had several Liugong cranes, including qy20a and qy8e, for construction at Beijing Daxing International Airport, but it was still slightly insufficient. I simply raised another Liugong tc750c5 in February this year and directly put it into the construction of Beijing Daxing International Airport project. In addition to its own Liugong products, many Liugong tc250c5 and Liugong tc250a5 are also busy on the construction site, just like the always strong Liugong Corps

(boss Yan likes to pick up his car)

after nearly a month of actual construction, this Liugong tc750c5 is very satisfactory in all aspects. According to the feedback of the operator, Liugong tc750c5 adopts a panoramic cab, with a wide field of vision and no dead corners. The control room is equipped with a winch monitor for easy observation, as well as foldable sleeper, reversing image, etc., which are more convenient and comfortable whether driving or resting, The air conditioner with all-round air supply, cooling and heating is a great compliment

(tc750c5 participated in the construction of the heat source project of Daxing International Airport)

Liugong tc750c5 truck crane has complete working conditions, which is suitable for the construction of a variety of projects and has a very high cost performance ratio. Since its launch in 2018, this product has received extensive attention from hoisting users. Its excellent product performance and leading technical advantages have been highly praised by customers, and it has become a phenomenal star product

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