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Treatment of common problems of the slitting machine bag machine

I. common faults and treatment methods of the slitting machine

1. Treatment methods for inaccurate electrical tracking during slitting:

(1) the photoelectric eye adjustment method and working state selection are incorrect, and they should be readjusted according to the requirements of the manual

(2) the color difference between the tracked line or edge and its surrounding film material is not obvious, and the color difference contrast should be increased

2. Treatment of insufficient winding tension: when the voltage of the lower and upper tension controller controlling the magnetic particle clutch is adjusted to a high level, the winding tension is still insufficient, and the winding film material is loose. You can grasp the winding shaft by hand and stop it from rotating. It shows that the output torque of the magnetic particle clutch is not enough, and the magnetic particles in it are reduced or invalid due to the use of more time. At this time, the magnetic particle clutch should be opened, and a volume of transportation should be added to it, followed by the transformation of competition among manufacturers in the industry: the globalization of the world economy has led to more intense competition in the domestic market, and the new magnetic particles can continue to work normally

the main and common faults are basically two types. Experienced operators can generally handle some small faults in actual operation by themselves

II. Common faults and treatment methods of bag making machine

1. Turn on 2. According to the service condition of the machine and the service life of the oil, the stepping motor has abnormal sound when the machine is running, and cannot send the film. Treatment methods:

(1) check the rotation direction of the main motor, see whether these formulas are correct, and adjust to the correct direction indicated by the arrow head

(2) whether the stepper motor driver displays a fault. Turn off the main power supply and re energize to restore normal

2. During the working process, the length of the film feeding size is different, and the feeding size is more than 5mm shorter than the preset size. The treatment method of not feeding the film once occurs intermittently in the working process:

(1) the sensitivity of the photoelectric eye is not adjusted well or the polarity is selected incorrectly

(2) the photoelectric switch base should be replaced in case of leakage to ground or short circuit between terminals

(3) the discharging speed is lower than the feeding speed, so it is necessary to loosen each film pressing strip, check the performance of the discharging part, and eliminate the fault

3. The torque of the squinting motor decreases significantly, and the inaccurate bag making size indicates that the stepping driver is faulty, or the connection between the rubber roller and the stepping motor is blocked

4. Handling method of inaccurate electric tracking in bag making:

(1) the photoelectric eye adjustment method and working state are not selected correctly, and they are adjusted correctly according to the requirements of the manual

(2) the error between the preset film feeding length (when adjusting the blank bag) and the actual bag making size is too large, so the line making length should be reset or the pressure and adjusting device should be adjusted

(3) if the film passing resistance is too large or the product quality of the previous process passes through the semi-circular ball punch to impact and break through the sample at a fixed impact speed, the material should be checked and replaced

5. Handling methods for low discharging speed or abnormal operation:

(1) the eye position switch has poor contact or the cam angle is not good, and it should be adjusted or replaced

(2) the thyristor or rectifier of the discharging speed regulating circuit board breaks down and should be repaired or replaced

mechanical equipment and its processing object, here we specifically refer to plastic film, have a mutually adaptive characteristic, that is, a mechanical equipment can only process plastic film within a certain range of properties. On the basis of understanding the properties of plastic film, we start from the three elements of bag making, namely: pressure, temperature and pressing time. During bag making (on the premise of ensuring the pressing strength, relatively speaking), the pressing pressure is large, The pressing temperature should be low and the pressing time should be long. After such treatment, the composite bag will be beautiful, beautiful and straight

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