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Liu Hanru: to do a good job in self owned brand automobile enterprises, we should "dig deep, accumulate widely, and slowly become the king"

there is a very interesting phenomenon in China's automobile industry, ranging from the national teams of FAW and ERW (the predecessor of Dongfeng) to the self owned brands such as Chery, BYD, JAC, Valin Xingma, etc., whose helm has more or less connections with Anhui, which can be said to be "made by Huizhou merchants of Chinese cars". Made by Huizhou merchants of Chinese cars

: there is a very interesting phenomenon in China's automotive industry, ranging from national teams such as FAW and ERW (the predecessor of Dongfeng) to independent brands such as Chery, BYD, JAC and Valin Xingma, whose Helms are more or less connected with Anhui. It can be said that made by Huizhou merchants of Chinese cars. How do you think of this phenomenon

liuhanru: indeed. One third of China's middle and senior automotive talents are trained by Hefei University of technology, including Geng Zhaojie, former president of FAW, the founding father of China's automobile industry, Miao Wei, Minister of industry and information technology, Chen Weinong, Secretary of the Party committee of China Automotive Industry Import and Export Corporation, Xu Ping, chairman of Dongfeng Motor, Zhu Fushou, general manager of Dongfeng Motor, Zuo Yan'an, former chairman of JAC, Wang Chuanfu, chairman of BYD, Yin Tongyue, chairman of Chery, etc, We are all alumni. The three Anhui enterprises, including Jiangqi, Chery and us, have something in common: "the easy and happy reform has been completed". Everyone is an independent brand, is state-owned, and the leaders are all graduates of Hegong University. This Anhui phenomenon in the automotive industry or Anhui plate is very rare in the country

: how do you evaluate the development of Anhui independent brand automobile industry? In 1897, the combined output value of the three enterprises, including JAC, Chery and Valin Xingma, was less than 100 billion. Previously, it has been rumored that the three enterprises will integrate to realize the dream of Da'an automobile. Is there any progress now

liuhanru: the previous restructuring was unsuccessful, and the future restructuring must rely on the strength of the market. If the reorganization is successful, we hope to concentrate the production of heavy trucks here and establish a truck business department

optimistic about the future of commercial vehicles

: different from the field of passenger cars, Valin Xingma automobile aims at special vehicles and heavy trucks at the beginning. If the input voltage of the two sensors is too high (generally a few millivolts), it will successfully enter the heavy vehicle market and become famous without the key support of the state. How do you think of the future development of this market

liuhanru: Generally speaking, when it comes to cars, everyone's first reaction is passenger cars, that is, cars. But I think that in the future, commercial vehicles, including heavy trucks and passenger cars, will have the most potential, the best voice in the world, and a strong position. The reason is very simple. On the one hand, the batch of commercial vehicles is small, unlike cars, which have a scale of onemillion or millions at any time; On the other hand, commercial vehicles are both technology, capital intensive and talent intensive, but more importantly, they are labor-intensive. For China, this is an advantage, and its own brand will not lose to any competitor in the world

in addition, from a technical point of view, our technology is stronger than that of developing countries and not much worse than that of developed countries, with obvious cost advantages. In addition to Western Europe and North America, other regions in the world are potential big markets, and the competitors in the commercial vehicle market are not so strong. The world's largest enterprise makes about 100000 units a year, so we are developing in a staggered way, only in the fields related to commercial vehicles. Once the technology is established, coupled with good quality management, we can create an excellent brand. If we identify a direction, we will not constantly adjust the direction or fundamentally lose the direction. If we can persist, we will reach the other side. The success of any cause in the world depends on persistence and persistence

: in the field of passenger cars, why is the advantage of independent brands less obvious

liuhanru: the competition in that field is very fierce. At present, the development of independent brands will encounter many difficulties, because there is no accumulation. It's not that we're not doing well, but that the national policy protection is not enough. For so many years, the policy tends to be joint venture brands, which rely entirely on each other for food. You know, these brands are very realistic. If the market is bad, they will leave. Just like processing enterprises such as clothing and shoes, once there is no market and cost advantage, they will leave China one after another and run faster than rabbits. I feel deeply about this. It was difficult to find a product that was not made in China on American shelves three to five years ago. Now it is completely different. The world is open, and we still need to go out. The key is that the market has the final say. Technology, capital and talents are allocated according to the market

believe in and support the adoption of the international standard environmental management and evaluation quantitative analysis tool life cycle assessment (LCA) method to evaluate the impact of aluminum production on climate change and the sustainable development of the aluminum industry market power

: from the perspective of performance, Valin Xingma automobile is directly affected by the macro economic trend. How can this impact be brought into a controllable range

liuhanru: some difficulties are that enterprises can actively act to change, while others cannot. Generally speaking, commercial vehicles lag behind passenger vehicles by one cycle. When the financial crisis and macro-control come, commercial vehicles are the first to suffer and shock; When the situation improves, it is commercial vehicles that finally recover. So you just talked about our annual report. Last year, our performance was good because we fell too hard in 2012

the situation faced by enterprises is complex. You may not survive any link or an accident, but you can't work endlessly. When you encounter problems, sometimes you just rely on experience, sixth sense or the wisdom of leaders to judge. After being an enterprise for a long time, you will naturally have judgment when it is difficult, just like a conditioned reflex

now some enterprises and entrepreneurs feel that they can do anything and do everything well after success, but they often become crazy when they are big and die when they are crazy. Why can Wang Yongqing's enterprise do so well for so long? He has also experienced the ups and downs of development, but he has made the enterprise transition smoothly. Li Ka Shing will win and lose over the years, but his attitude determines his height. We still have a lot of work to do, so we need to dig deep and accumulate grain to become the king slowly, strengthen management, improve the quality system, and establish excellent after-sales service. If the enterprise benefits well, the capital market will naturally vote

: at the just concluded national two sessions, you had many wonderful speeches on market economy. Combined with the actual development of enterprises, how do you understand and predict China's reform process? What is your biggest feeling about the market economy since you worked in a state-owned enterprise

liuhanru: it used to be that the government intervened too much, so now we should manage the government and open up the market. We must let the market allocate resources, let the market play a leading role, form a real market economy and reduce government intervention. Foreign countries do not recognize our market economy, which shows that our market-oriented reform is not deep enough, and we need to continue to deepen the reform of the market system. The current reform will also face resistance from interest groups, central enterprises and other aspects, so the establishment of a leading group to deepen the reform now shows that the central government attaches great importance to it and also expresses its determination that there is no retreat

now it is really very determined, just this way. The country has reached an important moment to deepen reform. Only through marketization and reform can we solve many practical problems. Now we have reached a critical juncture. It is not the question of whether to open or close the door, but how to further open up, further deepen reform and further marketization. Even if we are dissatisfied with the reality, we will not be willing to return to the era of planned economy. Because now we have reached the stage of full marketization, we should fully compete. The government should strengthen supervision, and the market problems should be solved by the market

: in addition to market economy, what other topics impressed you at the two sessions this year

liuhanru: this year, my focus also includes reducing the burden on enterprises and boosting the development of the real economy; Strengthen traffic safety law enforcement; Crack down on fake and shoddy products; to protect intellectual property (right); Purify circulation links and promote the development of modern logistics industry

in addition to deepening reform, what I feel most is about rural reform and the reform of state-owned enterprises. With regard to land circulation, intensive production, family farms and dealing with the relationship between farmers and land, we thought about separation and integration before, and we were also guessing whether we should go back. At the two sessions, clear answers were also given to these questions. We should unswervingly adhere to the red line of 1.8 billion mu of cultivated land, deepen the rural land reform system, and so on. There may have been misleading and misunderstandings before, but this time we have seen clearly that the central government has set the direction, just like driving on the highway, you can only drive in one direction, and you can't walk and stop, and you can't get down when you want to. The second is about the reform of state-owned enterprises. Everyone is paying attention to mixed ownership, but we must ensure that we do not take advantage of the reform to divide up state-owned assets in collusion with dignitaries, and we must ensure that state-owned assets are not lost. After the market-oriented management, we should hire professional managers to manage, be an official, and do business. Don't be confused anymore. The position of the Central Committee is very firm and unquestionable

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