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Liu Binjie, director general of the General Administration of publications and director general of the national copyright administration, cordially met with the leaders of northern India

on July 16, Liu Binjie, director general of the General Administration of publications and director general of the national copyright administration, used the gap of making a report for the 2010 Summer cadre training course of our school to cordially meet with Zheng Jichun, Secretary of the Party committee of our school, and Qu Desen, President of our school, and the two sides had friendly exchanges

director Liu Binjie introduced the reform of the publishing system to the leaders of the University, pointing out that culture plays an increasingly prominent role in the competition of comprehensive national strength. Since the 16th National Congress, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have put forward the cultural strategy as one of the three national strategies, which is currently in a rare period of development opportunities. Publishing industry is an important part of culture. At present, under the background of internationalization, digitization and industrialization, to build a publishing power, the country needs to cultivate millions of high-quality talents. The disciplines and majors of the printing school cover all links of the publishing industry chain. We should give full play to the advantages of disciplines and majors, make new breakthroughs in theoretical construction, and explore new fields and majors in digital publishing, cultural and creative publishing, etc. At present, the number of talents in the publishing industry is insufficient, the quality is not high, and the talent structure is unreasonable. Schools should strengthen scientific research, strengthen industrial cooperation, and strive to cultivate urgently needed talents in publishing. We should carry out multi-level cooperation with the Department of laws and regulations of the General Administration of publishing, the Department of publishing industry development, the Department of science and technology and digital publishing, the Department of personnel and other departments to standardize the testing procedures of different institutions, so as to provide strong expert support for the reform of the publishing industry. In the future, all cooperation should be carried out in depth and widely

president Qu Desen reported to Director Liu Binjie the preparation for the establishment of the green printing and packaging industry technology research institute, the restructuring of Beijing Art and Science Electronic Publishing House and the formulation of the school's 12th Five year development plan, It is also hoped that at an appropriate time in the second half of the year, the school leadership will comprehensively report to the Party group of the Department on the overall work of the school and the formulation of the plan for the recycling and harmless treatment of some toxic solvents that must be taken during the 12th Five Year Plan. With the instructions of the Department leadership, the school will better serve the great cause of building a powerful publishing country

Secretary Zheng Jichun said that the school will further strengthen communication and cooperation with the department leaders and departments, strive for useful guidance and strong support, closely contact in discipline construction, talent training, scientific research and serving the society, rely on industry advantages, inherit the tradition of running a school, highlight the characteristics of running a school, and improve the quality of running a school

director Liu Binjie said that in the second half of the 12th Five Year Plan for national publishing science and Technology (Draft for comments), he would organize consultations and hoped that schools could participate in promoting the development of China's publishing industry and school development

Fan Wei, director of the Department of publishing industry development of the General Administration of publishing of the people's Republic of China, Ping, test method for PBT special materials for energy-saving lamps, sun Wenke, director of the Department of personnel, sun Baolin, deputy director, and sun Jianjun, Secretary of the director general, accompanied the meeting. Leaders of our school Pu Jialing, Liu Chaomei, Dang Fanyi, Qiao Dongliang and Zheng Wenhong attended the discussion

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