Liugong Co., Ltd. newly hired a Liugong scientist

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Liugong Co., Ltd. newly hired a "Liugong scientist"

Liugong Co., Ltd. newly hired a "Liugong scientist first"

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Ji Hong of Lanzhou University of technology was awarded the "Liugong scientist" by Liugong - this is the fifth "Liugong scientist" among the university professors of major related technologies of construction machinery hired by Liugong since 2010. On December 26, Yu chuanfen, President of the joint stock company, issued an appointment letter to Ji Hong at Lanzhou University of technology

may be sold separately. Yu chuanfen (right) issued a certificate to Ji Hong

Ji Hong, born in 1972, is an engineering doctor, Professor, doctoral supervisor, Dean of the school of energy and power engineering of Lanzhou University of technology, and director of Gansu hydraulic and pneumatic engineering technology research center. His research direction is modern hydraulic components and engineering machinery hydraulic technology. Jihong should fasten it in time; He has been engaged in "chip level" research, innovation and technological development of hydraulic components for a long time, and took the lead in 4.2.7 displacement type (COD gauge) extensometer and accessories ★ 1) dynamic accuracy: no more than 0.5% of the indicated value; 2) The data collection speed meets the maximum experimental frequency requirements during the experiment; 3) The deformation limit is not less than 2.5 mm. Systematic research on the integration of motor and hydraulic pump has been carried out in China

since 2007, Ji Hong has carried out cooperative research with Liugong in the field of hydraulic pressure, and has made remarkable achievements in projects such as "Research on vibration reduction of hydraulic steering system of 5-ton loader series" and "Research on the motion characteristics of valve core in hydraulic valve". In particular, a series of achievements have been made in the optimization of the steering system of ZL50G loader and CLG856 loader. In 2008, Liugong 5T loader steering system was popularized and applied, and the market feedback was good, which was highly praised by the majority of users

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