Liu Hanru, the hottest NPC deputy, actively perfor

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Liu Hanru, a deputy to the National People's Congress, actively performed the sacred duties of deputies

Liu Hanru, a deputy to the National People's Congress, actively performed the sacred duties of deputies

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from March 5 to 15, the third session of the 12th National People's Congress was successfully held in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing. Nearly 3000 deputies to the National People's Congress attended the grand meeting with the great trust of the people and actively performed the sacred duties entrusted by the Constitution and laws

Liu Hanru, a deputy to the National People's Congress, Secretary of the Party committee of the group company and chairman of the board, submitted three suggestions at the conference, which are "to solve the multi head management of the automotive industry and promote the healthy development of the automotive industry", "to further improve the doctor-patient relationship, solve the doctor-patient disputes and the problems arising from medical reform" and "to further reduce the burden on enterprises and promote the development of the real economy", which will contribute to the national economy He made suggestions for the healthy development of the automobile industry and the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, and appealed for the vital interests of the majority of employees and the general public. He suggested:

reform the management method of automobile announcements; Strengthen the construction of rule of law and introduce the "vehicle law" as soon as possible; Break the inherent interest pattern formed by the multi head management of the automotive industry

establish medical risk and related evaluation mechanism, and establish medical risk attribution and sharing mechanism; Set up the national legal holiday "doctor's Day"; Manage community hospitals and bring them into the management of large hospitals; Reasonably adjust the proportion of reimbursement borne by medical insurance individuals, and establish a relief system for serious and urgent diseases; Return to the public welfare of the hospital; Integrate medical resources of large hospitals and encourage large hospitals to run regional chain hospitals; Formulate a more reasonable incentive mechanism to mobilize the enthusiasm of doctors and nurses; Accelerate the establishment of relevant systems and mechanisms for the separation of medicine and drugs, and implement the socialized purchase and competition of drugs; Strengthen the management of pharmacies

improve the top-level design as soon as possible, and truly reduce the tax burden of enterprises from the root; The central and local governments at all levels increase the investment in social security, and ensure the sufficient proportion of social security fund expenditure in the form of law. For subsidized enterprises and individuals, the resolution R is 1.5 of the change range plus 1 incremental social security fee; Reduce as soon as possible the use of this new prepreg, including aerospace, automotive and sporting goods insurance payment base standards and social insurance premium payment ratio; Adjust the proportion of tax collection as soon as possible to achieve low taxes and wide coverage; Reduce the threshold of banking access and break the monopoly of state-owned banks; Further open the interest rate market, reduce the loan interest rate, and further unify and standardize the charging standards of banks related to enterprises; We will implement a deposit guarantee and deposit insurance system and improve incentives and safeguards for financial resource investment

the delegates were also sought after by many multimedia. Representative Liu Hanru received exclusive interviews from major mainstream media such as economic information daily, people's daily, Phoenix, Sina, China auto news, and China Communications News. Representative Liu Hanru talked about his own experience on the government work report, the opportunities that the three national strategies, "the the Belt and Road", the integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and the Yangtze River Economic Belt will bring to the commercial vehicle industry, and the impact of the "made in China 2025" strategy on the automotive industry

representative Liu Hanru said in an interview with Phoenix that China's independent brand enterprises still have hope. The important thing is to adhere to it and the government should give full support. It is useless to rely solely on the introduction of technology. Imitation flocking materials can reduce the pollution caused by spraying or printing and dyeing that originally achieved the imitation kapok effect. Technology cannot stay in the theoretical stage, because it is not only technology, but also materials, processes and culture, so we must engage in independent innovation. We have always been full of confidence in independent innovation

on March 10, at the "Symposium of Representatives and members of the 2015 two sessions of the automotive industry" hosted by the China Automotive Industry Association, representatives and members talked freely and shared the development trends and existing problems of the automotive industry, and put forward various opinions and suggestions to promote the healthy development of the automotive industry. Representative liuhanru was invited to participate in the discussion and made a speech. He believes that strong industry makes a strong country, and the "made in China 2025" strategy will definitely affect the automotive industry. Call on the government to further reduce the burden on the real economy; Automobile enterprises should make core technological innovation; Independent brands should stick to it. As long as they can stick to it for three to five years, they will have a very good future

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