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Going abroad, Liu Gong is bound to win

as one of the large state-owned enterprise groups and a leading construction machinery enterprise mainly cultivated and developed in Guangxi, Liugong has always adhered to scientific and technological innovation, expanded overseas markets, and constantly promoted enterprises to "go out" with peak maintenance, automatic shutdown, overcurrent, overload automatic protection functions

On September 26th, 2016, Liugong South Africa successfully broke through the sales of 950E excavators in opsical, a major customer of coal mines in South Africa. After four months of use, the equipment received high praise from customers. The overall performance of the whole machine is better than that of products of the same level of first-line brands in the industry, This makes the customer have a new high understanding of the quality and performance of Chinese brand excavators

on March 12, 2017, during the busy schedule of handling affairs in China, serhat, chairman of opsical, specially took one day to visit the relevant senior leaders at Liugong headquarters and expressed his gratitude in person, especially in the areas with power shortage in the East and areas with abundant power in the West. Serhat said that it was the 950E excavator that made him change his new understanding of Liugong excavator and even made in China, and immediately decided to purchase two 950E excavators again. On March 16, One 950E excavator has arrived at the customer's mine and has been put into use

reliable and efficient! Liugong equipment helps Davao quarry

Davao is the third largest city in the Philippines. In recent years, with the entry of foreign capital, a large number of infrastructure needs have been generated, and the economy has also developed rapidly

in order to improve the processing stability of the quarry, Liugong loader

Liugong seized the opportunity and entered the Davao market seven years ago. With the passage of time, the reputation of reliable and efficient products is also accumulating

Liugong loaders for overseas construction

a quarry customer has successively purchased 8 Liugong equipment since 2010, including 5 loaders and 3 excavators. There are 3 842 sets on site, equipped with Shangchai engine, Liugong's self-made bridge box and anti roll and anti falling object cab. Two have been used for more than 12000 hours for three years, and one has been used for more than 10000 hours for two and a half years. At present, they are in normal use and have not been overhauled. More than 6000 loads per day are handled easily, and the performance and efficiency far exceed customer expectations. This year, another 855n is added, and it is ready to continue to expand production. Many loader competitors came to promote, but they did not impress the customer

go abroad to improve the measurement and detection ability, and Liu Gongshi is bound to win

with the continuous implementation of investment funds from various countries, a number of large-scale infrastructure projects in Davao region will be carried out. Liugong has been working hard in this area for many years. With reliable and efficient equipment, good reputation and other advantages, it is bound to make great achievements in Davao market

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