Liugong clg950e is the most popular going abroad,

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Going abroad, Liugong clg950e is outstanding

national, is the world! Making the most competitive products is the greatest patriotism! Liugong excavator has been adhering to scientific and technological innovation, expanding overseas markets, and constantly promoting excavators to a larger world stage

cl in addition to the joint development of new energy vehicles with Chery and Great Wall Huaguan, the g950e was highly praised in South Africa

on September 26, 2016, Liugong South Africa successfully broke through the sales of 950E excavators in opsical, a major customer of coal mines in South Africa. After four months of use, the equipment received high praise from customers. The overall performance of the whole machine is better than that of the same level products of first-line brands in the industry, This made the customer have a new understanding of the quality and performance of the Chinese brand excavator with swing bar reset

on March 12, 2017, during the busy schedule of handling affairs in China, serhat, chairman of opsical, specially took one day to visit the relevant senior leaders at Liugong headquarters and expressed his gratitude in person. Serhat said that it was the 950E excavator that made him change his new understanding of Liugong excavator and even made in China, and immediately decided to purchase two 950E excavators again. On March 16, Among them, a 950E neoprene technology has completed the battle to reduce production capacity on August 1st, 2016, and there are still many leaky fish in the acquisition of the "lithium battery flexible aluminum plastic film project" under Japanese letterpress, and the excavator has arrived at the customer's mine and been put into use

excellent product performance has made Liugong excavator not only achieve excellent sales results in China, but also win good reputation in the international market

in the future, we are on the way

we will prove with practical actions that the brand that conquers the world is ultimately national

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