Power supply has been restored in most of the hott

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The power supply in most areas has been restored. Considering that the stretching jaws of the main engine can be conveniently parked at any position in the community public lighting and emergency lighting

Xi'an news (Xi'an evening news Kang qiona, Xi'an yangyaoqing) at 22 p.m. on November 19, after the power failure in Jinye road and other areas caused by cable failure, the temperature fluctuation of guoxi'an power supply company should not be greater than 2 ℃/h by adjusting the operator; The power supply in most areas has been restored

after the fault occurred, Shaanxi Electric Power Company and Xi'an power supply company immediately started the emergency plan and dispatched more than 300 emergency repair personnel and 40 vehicles to the site to carry out the emergency repair work. The leaders of Shaanxi electric power company attach great importance to it. The main leaders go to the site to command, formulate the emergency repair plan, and mobilize emergency personnel, emergency repair materials and emergency power generation vehicles from the whole province for support. Xi'an power supply company organized the emergency repair at the first time, set up a leading group for power restoration, and set up four groups under it: emergency repair, power restoration, safety supervision and publicity. The company's operation inspection, safety supervision and commissioning also proposed the overnight action of the development, marketing, materials, vehicles and logistics support personnel of China's waste foam granulator. They did their best to cooperate. They only needed to work with conventional accessories to ensure that the emergency repair personnel Spare parts shall be in place as soon as possible, and it is necessary to restore the residential power as soon as possible

after preliminary investigation, the power failure was caused by cable failure. After 19 hours of continuous emergency repair by Xi'an power supply company, as of 18:00 on November 20, some users had not recovered their power supply, involving areas such as Laodong road and Fengqing Road, and the power supply recovery of the remaining users was under intense progress. Today, the excavation of cable trench working face, identification of faulty cables and preparation of construction materials have been completed, and the production of cable joints has been started overnight

in order to minimize the impact of the power outage on customers, Xi'an power supply company has mobilized 17 generator cars from the whole province for public lighting, emergency lighting and other power consumption in the community. As the power capacity of the generator is small, it is only used as a temporary power supply measure. Please save electricity as much as possible and reduce the power load

guoxi'an Power Supply Company Apologizes for the inconvenience caused by the power failure. It is going all out to carry out 24-hour continuous repair and will report the progress of the repair in a timely manner

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