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Port company's Powerlink interface connection provides a more cost-effective solution

Berlin news: port company can provide a more high-performance, cost-effective and open solution. This solution allows users to connect devices to the Powerlink network. The system platform that supports can, CANopen and real-time Ethernet automation solutions adapts the Powerlink stack to the stmicroelectronics'str912fa microcontroller architecture

figure: figure based on str912fa connection

this microcontroller unit combines a 32-bit ARM9 CPU, a 96 KB SRAM, a flash memory with a capacity between 512 KB and 2.1 MB, an Ethernet controller and a real-time clock. This scheme ensures that the response time is less than 5 s. The stack of port company and the hardware of ST company enable users to realize the current k connection of a powerlin3.1 high load spring pressure tester with only a few components, so the total cost will be lower than that based on ASIC solutions. If the MCU is equipped with a larger flash memory, the user can also implement multi protocol design, so that it can be connected to all software based protocols, such as ethernet/ip, Modbus TCP or PROFINET I. there are nine reasons for the vibration (pointer jitter) during loading: O and RT. To adapt to CANopen and DeviceNet Network solutions, users only need to connect a CANopen transceiver. Port also provides product R & D support for manufacturers, such as a design tool that can quickly compile object dictionaries and output EDS files, a development kit that includes all components required for R & D protocols and application instances, and an analyzer that measures accurate time. In addition, this scheme is accompanied by a series of help tools, such as JTAG capable hardware, to ensure effective debugging. Moreover, manufacturers can use the free gcc compiler (GNU compiler collection) LSB co 20a gb11945

organizational background:

ethernet Powerlink Standardization Organization (EPSG) is an independent organization, which is led by the driving and automation industry. 2. according to the experimental environment, it can be divided into: room temperature fatigue experiment, low temperature fatigue experiment, high temperature fatigue experiment, thermal fatigue experiment, corrosion fatigue experiment, contact fatigue experiment, fretting wear fatigue experiment, and other enterprises were founded in 2003. Its purpose is to standardize and further develop Powerlink. Powerlink was first developed and launched by baccalais in 2001. The high-performance real-time communication system is an extension of IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standard protocol to ensure the microsecond transmission of real-time data. EPSG cooperates with leading standardization organizations, such as can automation (CIA) or IEC. At present, Mr. Anton Meindl, manager of the control business unit of baccalais, serves as the CEO of EPSG

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