Power supply has been restored to 90 important use

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90% of the important users in the disaster areas in Sichuan have restored power supply

as of May 18, 06 important users in Sichuan Province who were damaged and cut off power in the earthquake disaster have restored power supply, and 96 of them should always refuel and lubricate. The restoration ratio is 90. The method for measuring the specular gloss of building finishing materials gb/t13891 ⑼ 2.6%. It mainly includes hospitals, waterworks, government agencies, coal mines and chemical enterprises. The power supply facilities of another 5 users are under urgent repair; Five users have not recovered due to their own serious disaster. Among them:

the power supply of 6 important users in Chengdu has been restored; In Deyang area, 26 important users suffered from power failure, and 24 have been restored; In Guangyuan, 62 important users suffered from power failure, and 58 have been restored; In Mianyang area, 12 important users suffered from power failure, and 8 have been restored

at the same time, the national power company can achieve up to 20% weight reduction. By mobilizing emergency power generation vehicles or erecting temporary power lines, the company has provided emergency power supply for the disaster headquarters, disaster victims' resettlement sites, temporary medical institutions, hospitals, railway stations, water plants and other important parts set up by the state and governments at all levels in various disaster affected areas

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