PP in the most popular regions is basically stable

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pp: the overall situation is basically stable, and individual market quotations have weakened slightly

when 10 industries were the engine this morning, China's plastic price index fell 0.04 points to 1235.32 points; The China Plastics spot index rose 0.13 points to 1199.10

in the morning, the PP market as a whole was basically stable, and the quotations in some markets were slightly weaker. The price quoted by the external trading houses basically showed an upward trend, but the domestic market continued to be weak, the demand situation continued to be flat and dominated, the transaction atmosphere did not improve, and the mentality was average

the PP market in Shantou is basically stable today. The price of Fulian T30S is 11150 yuan/ton, that of Dalian T30S is 11100 yuan/ton, and that of Hainan T30S is 11100 yuan/ton; The overall demand is still poor and the transaction is light

the current price of PP market in Xiamen is mainly stable. The price of Fulian drawing material T30S is 11550 yuan/ton, that of Hainan T30S is 11600 yuan/ton, and that of Shanghai Secco K8003 is 12400 yuan/ton; As the oil price fell, the demand did not improve, and the market transaction atmosphere was light

the PP market atmosphere in Nanjing today was light, and the price fell slightly. At present, Yangzi F401 quoted 11450 yuan/ton, s1004 quoted 11400 yuan/ton, j340 quoted 12450 yuan/ton, and K8003 quoted at yuan/ton; Affected by the lower oil price, the market entry intention of middlemen and downstream companies is not high, and there are not many actual transactions, mainly on the sidelines

the overall atmosphere of the PP market in Hangzhou today is flat, and the quotation is basically stable. At present, the quotation of Zhenhai T30S is RMB/ton, Shaoxing T30S is RMB 11600/ton, Yangzi j340 is RMB 12500/ton, and K8003 is RMB 12400/ton; The overall inventory pressure in the market is not great. The dealers are confused about the future market and have poor enthusiasm to enter the market

the PP market in Ningbo is generally stable today. Zhenhai T30S is priced at 11550 yuan/ton, Shaoxing T30S is priced at 11500 yuan/ton, Dalian T30S is priced at 11550 yuan/ton, K8003 is priced at 12600 yuan/ton, and Yanshan k7726 is priced at 12900 yuan/ton; There is no obvious improvement in downstream demand, the transaction is weak, and the merchants are mainly on the sidelines

today, the PP market in Taizhou is generally stable, with Zhenhai T30S quoted 11900 yuan/ton, Dalian T30S quoted 11750 yuan/ton, Shanghai T300 quoted 11900 yuan/ton, and Yangzi F401 quoted 11900 yuan/ton; Downstream demand remained light, transactions were rare, and the overall wait-and-see was dominant

the PE price in Shunde market is basically stable. The linear quotation is yuan/ton, the Maoming high-voltage quotation of 1220 times and 40 times can participate in the measurement of yuan/ton, and the low-voltage wire drawing quotation is yuan/ton. The merchants are confused about the future market, operate cautiously, and are not optimistic about the transaction

the PP market in Shanghai is mainly stable. Due to the small inventory pressure of Sinopec Shanghai, which has supported the mentality of the surrounding middlemen, the current price is stable. The supply of T300 in Sinopec Shanghai is relatively small, and the price is reported as high as 11950 yuan/ton, the mainstream price of Lanhua T30S is 11600 yuan/ton, the m2600r is quoted at 12400 yuan/ton, and the m700r and m180r are about 12500 yuan/ton. With the continuous decline of crude oil, the demand cannot be recovered, and the middlemen lack confidence in the future market, and generally maintain low inventory operation

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