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Some time ago, our province announced the implementation plan of the pilot stepped electricity price for residents' domestic electricity. The step-by-step charging of electricity means that residents will pay for the wasted electricity. The implementation of the plan aims to encourage residents to save electricity

some time ago, our province announced the implementation plan of the pilot step price of household electricity. The step-by-step charging of electricity means that residents will pay for the waste of electricity. The implementation of the plan aims to encourage residents to save electricity. Although household lamps and lanterns use little electricity, they need it every day, which is also a large expenditure in the long run. Choosing energy-saving lamps can not only save electricity, but also contribute to environmental protection. Why not

ask: what is energy-saving lamp

answer: generally, with the same brightness, energy-saving lamps can save 20% - 30% of electric energy than ordinary lamps, and some high-efficiency energy-saving lamps can even save more than 80%. In addition to saving electric energy, energy-saving lamps also have many advantages, such as good stability, low heat, no flicker, good color reduction, etc. However, energy-saving lamps are generally more expensive than ordinary lamps. The price of domestic general energy-saving lamps with a service life of 5000-3000 hours is between 15-20 yuan

ask: is it suitable to use energy-saving lamps in all parts of the home

answer: it is not suitable to use energy-saving lamps on dimmable devices, because energy-saving lamps can operate normally only under a certain range of voltage. When the adjusted light is too low, the lamp tube will flicker or burn. In addition, energy-saving lamps should not be used in bathrooms and kitchens, because in high temperature and high humidity environments, energy-saving lamps are prone to magnetic material denaturation, leakage and other problems

ask: worried about buying low-quality energy-saving lamps, what aspects can you distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of products

answer: the most direct way is to choose products of well-known brands. Consumers can choose brands from the list of qualified suppliers purchased by the national government, or go to brand lighting stores. When purchasing, you should also check whether the package is intact, whether the certificates are complete, and whether the lamps are “ CQC” Safety certification and “ Section ” Bytecan Certification indicates that the product meets the national safety and energy-saving standards

ask: there are many advantages of energy-saving lamps. How to test the performance of bulbs when selecting them

answer: we should choose high-quality products produced by regular manufacturers. We should not be greedy for bargains. Before buying, we should ask staff to cooperate in testing bulbs. It flickers less when starting, and there is no red light at the root of the lamp, so it has a good performance of one-time ignition. After working for five minutes, check whether there is flicker or burning smell. After turning off the lamp and observing the root of the lamp, you will find a blackened trace. The longer and darker the blackened place, the lower the service life of the lamp

ask: my existing lamps are not energy-saving lamps. Is there any good solution

answer: if the bulb needs to be replaced at home, it is recommended to replace it with efficient energy-saving lamps, which can save electricity and protect the environment. For the existing incandescent lamps at home, if they don't need to be so bright, you can buy rectifier diodes and put them in series in the circuit, which can save about 40% of electricity, but they must be operated by professionals to avoid accidents

ask: is there any way to ensure brightness and save electricity

answer: different lamps can be matched according to brightness and color temperature to save electricity. Fluorescent lamps are mainly used for indoor lighting, while mercury lamps and sodium lamps are mainly used for outdoor lighting. When the two lamps are installed together for mixed light lighting, they not only have high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, but also make vision more comfortable. In addition, the light distribution design of lamps is also very important. Under the condition of constant illumination, lamps with reasonable radian design can save about 20% electricity. The design of fluorescent lamps staggers the heavy light part, which can improve the luminous efficiency by about 80%. Citizens can pay attention to this kind of lamps when purchasing

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