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The excellence doesn't stop. The active marketing team of Aichen is full of energy and achieves good results again

an excellent team is the foundation of success. Only when the team members cooperate with each other, help each other and make progress can the activity succeed and the performance rise step by step. This is the case with the 310 help team of Aichen active marketing. The team members cooperate with each other and cooperate tacitly to successfully achieve the sales goals

"cool summer" theme activity layout

Aichen's activity layout in the mall

"0 profit benefits the whole city" theme activity

ps: what is 310 terminal assistance

eichen 310 terminal assistance team includes three roles: team leader, coach and promotion. They are respectively responsible for business negotiation, store training and market promotion. The team leader is responsible for store image construction, business alliance and advertising. The coach, that is, the trainer, mainly tracks store reception, product selling points and negotiation skills training. Offline promotion tracks community promotion, various cooperative channel alliances, and the improvement of store entry rate, Effectively improve the share of sales terminals in the local market, introduce a standardized mode for the operation of Aishen dealer stores, and truly go all out to win the terminal

carefully arranged Aishen safety door and window monopoly store

in August, the assistance team of Aishen in South China, central China and southwest China rushed to Shandong, Henan Province, Hunan, Guangdong, Sichuan, Yunnan and other places to continuously empower terminal sales and bring the company's actual assistance actions for tamping terminals to dealers

310 team members led everyone in telemarketing

all staff participated in the promotion launch conference

in the early stage of the event, the active marketing 310 help team helped dealers do a good job in personnel management and training, dig deep channels, strengthen community business, and run around the clock to build houses and talk about customers From the publicity of early activities to the implementation of late interactive implementation, we should do a good job in customer water storage from every detail. During the event, high-quality products, real price concessions, and professional explanations and introductions of shopping guides ushered in gratifying results in both trading volume and passenger flow

signing is the greatest encouragement to the brand.

excellent teams always find ways to succeed. During the event, every member of the active marketing team invested 100% of their fighting power. Even though they had already completed the task of the event, they still insisted on the front line and dared not relax at all. Their hard work is for every dealer friend to keep the store performance rising; It is the greatest honor to win the praise of dealers when leaving the store for each activity. No matter how tired you are, you won't feel hard

"quick attack and sincere service" has always been the belief of Aichen's active marketing team. With indomitable and unremitting spirit, it strives to fight in the front line of the market, makes every effort to help dealers, and wholeheartedly contributes to the brightness of the brand. Every AI Chen, you are all good





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