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Uiot smart home and Tencent small Q robot, the second generation of ecological cooperation, have created jiazhaoye Keyu Hotel (Dapeng store) in Shenzhen

uiot smart home, as the leader of artificial intelligence of the Internet of things, promotes the development of artificial intelligence in this era and also undertakes the reform of the hotel industry

from 2014 to now, adhering to the original intention, catering to the development of the times, the needs of the times, and opening up a way out for the future of the hotel industry. For us, it is our duty to build any hotel perfectly, and today, it is gratifying that we have been recognized by well-known enterprises

speaking of jiazhaoye Keyu Hotel, you may not be familiar with it, but speaking of Tencent technology, no one should know it. As we all know, Tencent has also vigorously promoted artificial intelligence in recent years. This time, uiot smart home and Tencent small Q robot, the exclusive executive enterprise of the second generation ecological cooperation, have built jiazhaoye Keyu Hotel (Dapeng store) in Shenzhen

to build a smart hotel with perfect functions and effects, finding a manufacturer with high comprehensive strength should be the goal of every enterprise on the road of artificial intelligence. There are many manufacturers of artificial intelligence hotels in the market. This cooperation between Tencent and uiot smart home is also an affirmation of uiot smart home in the whole industry

in this era of information explosion, you may be confused by the information in the whole market and the whole industry, so that you cannot determine the direction. At this time, you are not allowed to directly follow the footsteps of the strong to choose, but you can see the choice of the winners in your eyes. In short, it is not a bad direction for you

Tencent chose uiot smart home after investigation. For the strength of the company, the whole software and hardware system, as well as years of experience and real landing cases all over the country, Tencent has reached the standard of their enterprise

Tencent's initial goal was to build jiazhaoye hotel into a successful and perfect artificial intelligence hotel with a strong sense of effect and experience. At that time, the main facilities were intelligent room lighting, intelligent curtains, intelligent air conditioning, intelligent television, environmental monitoring, scene linkage, card insertion and card pulling, linkage background music, bathroom shutter control, and bathroom light strip discoloration. At the end of the construction and the acceptance of the project, Tencent and the hotel were very satisfied with the intelligent display. In fact, user satisfaction is the best gift for this business

uiot smart home is the R & D and manufacturer of the whole room wireless smart home system, and the most perfect artificial intelligence hotel system solution and product. In addition to having a perfect system and stable hardware equipment, it is the standard of every uiot team to treat every guest room carefully. Standing on the position of the hotel and focusing on user experience is our overall principle. I believe uiot smart home will bring us more surprises in the future

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