Four common problems in old house decoration

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[home decoration network] whether it's a newly bought second-hand house or a house that wants to be renovated after living for a period of time, people's desire for renovation is becoming more and more urgent. Therefore, the market of old house decoration is no smaller than that of new house decoration. But you may not know that technically, the renovation of old houses is much more difficult. Due to the different age of the house and the different original decoration conditions, it is not exaggeration to say that the decoration of the old house is one family. At the same time, many details of the transformation, such as wires, sanitary equipment, etc., on the basis of the original use of new transformation, but also for the construction of no small problem. [related reading] how to carry out the renovation of old houses

I. change the toilet “ Different pit distances often create obstacles

in the decoration of old houses, if the transformation of toilets does not involve tiles, pipes, etc., but simply replace a toilet or tile, the construction will be relatively simple. If the owner needs to replace the toilet, generally speaking, the replacement work can be completed by the installation workers of the manufacturer, but some manufacturers will charge a certain installation fee, which depends on the original situation of the toilet in the consumer's home, such as pit distance, pipeline, complexity of disassembly, etc., and a certain installation fee will be charged. Decoration of old houses

pay attention to choosing the right drainage method when purchasing toilet. At present, there are a lot of floor type toilets in home shopping malls, followed by the rear row, while there are almost no side type toilets. The salesperson said that the side row toilet can be transformed through the rear row toilet, and the factory workers can assist in the installation, but the consumers need to provide their own pipes. This kind of pipeline can be bought in ordinary stores and building materials markets. In addition, when replacing the toilet, you also need to pay attention to the pit distance. At present, the pit distance of the toilet in the market is not uniform. If the pit distance of the new toilet is the same as that of the old toilet, the replacement and renovation process is relatively simple. Just remove the glass glue or screws, and the ground will not be damaged. However, if the pit distance of the new toilet is smaller than the pit distance of the old toilet, the ceramic tile and the new toilet cannot be completely bonded, and the empty place should be paved with cement without replacing the ceramic tile. Although it can solve the problem, the effect is not beautiful. Here, we can only suggest that consumers choose the toilet with the same pit distance as far as possible, so as to reduce the complex procedures in the replacement process. Renovation of old houses

second, nonstandard wires set obstacles for transformation

a large part of the cost of renovation of old houses is spent on wire transformation. Generally, in the renovation of old houses, the cost of wire renovation can account for about 10% of the total renovation cost. In the quotation provided by the decoration company for the decoration of old houses, the prices of other parts are relatively easy to estimate, only the price of the pipeline is unknown, and the bulk of the cost is also on the pipeline. How about the pipelines of many houses completed before 2003 “ There is no specific specification on the problem of walking, which causes the problem of old house reconstruction and is also one of the main obstacles in the construction. Home improvement website

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